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7 outfit ideas when you are at the beach

     “We are all made up of same skin and bones, what separates us is what we dress over it. “

Hola beautiful people! winter vacations are here and I am witnessing flurry of people coming to Goa for the vacation. The weather is just awesome here. 🙂

If you are following my blog then you know that I will be in Goa for next one year; I am exploring everyday a new beach in Goa and  trying out various outfit ideas from N-gal.

Sharing few of my favourites ones; use these outfit ideas when you are at the beach:

  1. Sarong: Varieties of printed sarong available online website of Ngal . I love these waterlife printed beach sarong and united world colorful sarong. <3

ngal sarong


You can see in the pic how alluring these are looking. 🙂

Sarong Goa

Found this lovely video on how to wear a sarong in various ways

2. BIKINI – 

Always remember:

“How to get a bikini body, Put a bikini on your body.

Stop giving a shit about what everyone else think. “

I love these upgraded tassel bikini set, neon straps sexy bikini swimwear and blue dominated bikini swimsuit. I wore this blue dominated bikini on my birthday evening.

sexy bikini

sexy bikini

Bikini Goa

3. Skirts : Skirts are also the best option for beach. You can wear skirt with crop top or crochet top or simply with bikini top.

Love these polka dotted skater skirts, thick fold strap mini skirt cum top. I wore this thick fold strap mini skirt cum top at our office lunch party in Goa. 🙂


skirt cum top


4. Shorts: Shorts is evergreen option. You can wear anytime anywhere 😛 Lace shorts are trendy. Denim shorts also look nice with bikini top.

lace shorts


5. Tank suits: Tankini is a bathing suit combining a tank top, mostly made of spandex-and-cotton. I love this blue wrap around swimwear. Some girls prefer tank suits instead of bikini.

ngal tank suits

6. High waist: High waisted bikini swimwear  is perfect beach dress, you can wear it as a swimsuit and you can wear it as a dress also. Bohemian blue polka dot high waisted bikini swimwear is my favourite from ngal site, and I am going to buy soon.

High waist

7. Cover up: A loose outer garment, worn over a swimsuit. Love this yellow colored cross front printed beach cover up dress.

cover up

Hope you like the outfit ideas. I’ll be sharing more beachy posts with sexy outfit ideas! Stay tuned for my next posts.

Stay sexy, Stay beautiful till next post!

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