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Review of super cool Versatyl Travel jacket!

“When you travel down desolated paths and unravel history you will find love in every corner of this world.”

Travelling is something each one of us looks up to. Every mind has its own purpose behind the whole journey. Some look forward to meeting new people and new cultures. And some are on a mission to fix themselves and learn from it. And some are excited to time travel and relive history.

Apart from all the reason we pile up to get from our journey it is also one way to discover yourself and start falling in love with your body and self wholly. It is also a way of experimenting new styles you have been wanting to and unleashing your wild self. So common, grab new styles and colours that you have on your mind and wear it with sheer confidence and love.

So apart from all this self loving, travel is also about change. You walk through different scenes and climatic changes throughout the day. So to help you keep up with the change and to let you feel more comfortable down the road we give you the versatyl travel jacket. 


So you all know our dear Kajal is a wanderlust and whenever she’s on an adventure she makes sure she carries her versatyl jacket with her. The jacket is so comfortable and stylish that you can wear it over all your outfits. Its water and wind proof so keeps you dry and cosy throughout the journey. All its pockets actually helps you keep all your belongings especially for us girls, we can comfortably store our personal kits inside it. Its like your personal bag that you get to wear.

It comes in colours so yes, you can pick quirky and cute colours for you and your other half. It’s very light and doesn’t even feel like it’s on your skin. Its like your own body-guard shielding you for anything from the outside and keeps you warm and subtle like a bonfire in the artic keeping you safe and secure.

The quality clothing will keep your gadgets extra safe even if it’s pouring hail storms. The jacket is all that you can for. It’s all your wishes and if only’s put together. It’s like your own personal travel house. This jacket has 18 pockets and this is one and first of it’s kind, basically world’s first travel jacket with these many features. So next time you set out on a trip make sure to carry travel’s best friend with you.

So if you are still quite wavering to get it cause you don’t travel a lot. Here’s one way you can use it throughout your everyday life. You can style it for regular days and simply wear it anyway.

  1. Wear it over a dress in contrast with your jacket and wear thigh high boots.
  2. Wear it over a camisole or crop top and shorts.
  3. Wear it over your work clothes on rainy days.

😐Flight delayed by 2hrs. But finally I got the time to update my snaptacles stories on snapchat. 😎 And did you spot my super comfortable and best travel companion in this pic. Yeah, my @versatyljackets travel jacket. And guys! do you know, the creators of the VERSATYL Travel & Bomber Jacket are back with yet another creation as unique as its predecessors! Saneen , the brain behind the very successful Versatyl Travel Jacket breaks another record by launching one of the World’s lightest multi-utility jackets. When we are shopping for jackets, usually the first thing we check is its weight. If we feel burdensome and bulky walking around in it, we let it go. Then, we move on to check the material, its style, its utility and then the price. Well, all of these elements are perfectly blended to form FEATHER. Like it literally weighs just 179 grams! See complete post about this Feather jacket in the blog, link in bio. #indiafashionblogger #indianblogger #kajalmishra #versatyl #versatyljacket #traveljacket #nycblogger #blogger #actor #model #writer #fashionblogger #traveller #USA

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So even if you are a non-traveller you can wear it over anything and literally anything.

Buy here- Versatyl Travel jacket

Versatyl Feather jacket


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