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Kajal Mishra

Kajal is a girl from Kashi Nagari, spent last 5 years in banking with IDBI bank. Kajal shifted to Goa last year and works full time on India Fashion Blogger. She mostly spend her time in reading novels and travelling all around the world. She started her blogging career in 2012 with her personal blog as a hobbyist and later thought of converting it into a more serious attempt at in 2015.

Srinidhi Srinivasan

The girl who has completely lost herself to the vast blue entity above and strongly believes that the mysterious pull of our eyes towards the stars does not happen without a reason. An ardent reader, who secretly wishes to see her name on the book shelf someday.

Sakshi Singh

An achiever who has lost herself in the dreamy world of fashion with a hope to never be found. Gear up to lose yoursrlf in my world.

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