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India Fashion Blogger is a platform for every fashionable traveller. <3

This blog is a platform for everyone who is looking to make her/his mark in the fashion world. It’s about her/his personal style, her/his confidence and what she/he wants to achieve while sticking to its roots and values.

You can find the daily dose of fashion and travel on this platform. Apart from this, our team members are fitness addicts too, so you can also find the basic dose of fitness on daily basis.

Update 15th December 2015: India Fashion Blogger team is moving to Goa. You can visit  to explore Goa from our eyes. Hope to have a lot of beachy posts coming your way.

Update 13th September 2015: is ranked among top 15000 sites in India (source: Alexa)

Alexa rank India Fashion Blogger

Designers collaborated with India Fashion Blogger-

Anupamaa Dayal ; Ridhima Bhasin ; Shelli Segal ; Shweta Puthran ; Ridhi Mehra ; Pranjal Kadkade ; Kamal Manickath ( Soucika) Daksh by Lalita & Amit ; Mine of design ; Sangeeta Sharma ; Madhusmita Panda ; Kanika J Singh.

Brands Collaborated With India Fashion Blogger-

Alberto Torresi ; Asus Zenfone ;Celebrity Face ; CouponDunia ; Fgali ; Goa Tourism ; Gionee ; IML Jeans ; Jabong ; La Vogue Affair ; Lybrate ; N-gal ; Rena Love ; Sunar Jewels ; Swiss Military Worldwide ; Swishlist ; Ethnic Dukaan ; Deco home ; Auhna Creation jewellery; Stalk buy love ; India Rush ; Yoins clothing ; Moda Maze ; Himalaya Personal care ; Navneet Gems ; Lakme cosmetics ; Amazon Fashion Week ; Lakme fashion week ; India Beach fashion week ; Magnum ice cream ; Wedzo ; Bargain book ; Yoins ; Thailand Tourism ; Terra Adventure ; Tarus World ; Venus Gillette Breeze ; Ruhi Collections.

Meet our team members

Founder and Writer – Kajal Mishra

Kajal Mishra


Kajal is a girl from Kashi Nagari, spent last 5 years in banking with IDBI bank.

Kajal shifted to Goa last year and works full time on India Fashion Blogger. She mostly spends her time in reading novels and travelling all around the world.

She started her blogging career in 2012 with her personal blog as a hobbyist and later thought of converting it into a more serious attempt at in 2015.

Apart from blogging,  Kajal seldom do few acting stints too. Few of her noted acts include Star TV Airlines serial as a senior nurse and Short movie Mr and Mrs Mehra.

Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook page / Twitter / Instagram 🙂


The Techie – Gaurav Mishra


Gaurav is a techie and He makes sure that runs smoothly.

Former co-founder of Media Redefined, a social media company and now working as a Head of Sales in Srijan Technologies.

Writer – Riya Dhamija

“I travel and I know things” – Riya.. 

Writer – Pooja Singh

“I am a postgraduate commerce and marketing student with an immense interest in social media which led me to pursue a digital marketing course. Also, currently I am a freelance writer aiming to give a great reading experience to one and all. ” – Pooja

Writer -Richa Parashar

“A traditional soul making memories while living her heart out.”


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