How to Be Your Own Valentine: Self-love 101

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Valentine’s day is almost here and you know what that means. Endless love commercials, cheesy social media posts, and neverending stories of fancy dinner dates. This can be slightly (maybe more than that) overwhelming for people who are single, in long-distance relationships, or simply don’t dig the hype. If you belong to any of these categories, We got you fam! Let’s get some self-love lessons and give ourselves the love we deserve. We are here with a little guide on how you can be your own valentine.

It’s 2022 and self-love is a concept that still gets brow-raises. Weird, isn’t it? As cliched as it is, self-love is good. Self-care is good. Anything that brings you mental peace and happiness is good. If you are here because valentine’s week is getting at you, join the club! We are excited to teach (and learn) some self-love lessons. Read on to know more!

Be Your Own Valentine: Self-love Practices & Activities to Try

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Let’s face it. If we can’t treat ourselves well, how is anyone going to do it? Self-love is more of a necessity than a mere Instagram hashtag. Learn to treat yourself well – with respect, kindness, and love. This is how you set the bar. Love starts from within. This V-day, be your own valentine – here is how!

  • The Valentine Prep

First things first – plan it right. Plan how you are going to spend your Valentine’s day just how you plan your dates. Buy that dress in your cart, engross in some self-care sessions (I love sheet masks!), and visit a salon. Literally, do anything that makes you feel excited and pumped for the big day.

  • Cut the Negativity

If you have any negative thoughts bothering you, let them out. It is normal to feel anxious during this “season of love”. But dig deep into your source of negativity and write it out. You can also try meditation or breathing exercises to calm yourself. I do the ‘legs up the wall’ pose whenever I want to relax and it really works. See what works for you and do it.

  • Focus on What You Love

If Valentine’s day is all about love, why don’t we spend time doing things we love the most. Whether it is dancing, baking, or simply lying in bed – just do it! You can paint, dance, visit a nursery or pet care center as well. Trust me, this can be super refreshing.

  • Stay Away From Social Media

If you are deciding to spend time by yourself, there are chances that you might want to just laze around and scroll through social media apps. Although this looks like a simple relaxing activity, it’s best if you don’t do it. You don’t want to strain your eyes and heart looking at a million love posts and emotional captions, do you?

  • Glam Up Girl!

Slip into your favorite outfit and do the makeup you love. This can be a little bit tricky if you are an indoor person. If you don’t wanna go out, you can simply wear your favorite PJs or lingerie – anything you like. The idea is to feel your best without too much effort.

  • Time for A Valentine Date

Go to that sushi place you have always wanted to try. Or maybe a food court full of multicuisine options. Take yourself on a lunch/dinner date and make the most of it. Self-dates are the best. You can order anything you want AND you don’t even have to share your food. People preferring to stay home can engage themselves in cooking activities. If you are lazy to do both, you can simply order food online and do the classic “Netflix and chill”.

  • Call your BFF over

If you think you can’t do it all by yourself, call your BFF over. Or even better, host a girls’ night-in. If you need ideas for your slumber party, check this out. You can have a fun movie night, play some games, or simply lie down and do nothing. All is well that ends well. This one time back in college, I have spent my valentine’s day having a dinner date with three of my girlfriends. That was one hell of a fun night! Trust me when I say it, you can always count on your gal pals.

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This is it peeps. Even if you are new to the self-love club, just know that you are taking a step in the right direction. If you feel too lonely, anxious, or gloomy, talk to a friend or two. Use the day to establish a connection with yourself, feel good, and rejuvenate on whole. It’s hard to unlearn conventional mindset and habits, but when you do, you set yourself free. Give a little note to self: Always put yourself first.

So, what are your plans for this valentine’s day? Let us know in the comments below!

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