Ideas and tips for the ultimate girls’ night!

Planning a girls’ night? No idea how to begin with? Pondering over fun ideas that make the perfect night? No worries. We’ve got you covered. The best time of the year is when you spend it with people who bring out the craziest part in you. Most of the times, they happen to be your super crazy girlfriends. No offence guys :p . Here we have got you all girls, some amazing and fun ideas to roll with your girl squad. Get ready for a kickass party with your girlfriends!

1. Cozy it up and decorate!

For a night in, the prime thing to do is set the place with right things like blankets and pillows and cozy it up. After all, that’s where you lie gossiping with your girlfriends all night. Now add some fairy lights and decorate your space a bit with colourful pillows, may be balloons, sheer curtains and anymore creativity is encouraged. If you have a squad name, craft the name somewhere on the wall, a board, the balloons or whatever. It’s so much fun when you do it together. After its all done take a look. Woah, you are all ready to slumber anytime!

2. What’s your theme?

First off, you should decide the theme of the party you’re gonna have. A super comfy pajama party? Lingerie party? A Halloween party? A spa night? A movie night? A game night? Anything everyone of the clan is up for. Make sure you have a dress theme anyways. It’s good to be dressed alike you know, incase some camera spots you all :p

3. Bake bake bake!

You can order your favourite food online and binge watch Netflix. But don’t you think it’s fun to bake your own cupcakes and recipes? Just get all the ingredients together and start dividing the work into pieces. Work as a clan. Cook anything you can or may be take assistance of YouTube and Google recipes. Kitchen is all yours. Treat yourself with all the amazing food you can cook. You can try preparing some fruit cocktails as well. Once done, sit in front of the screen. Next what? Do I need to say, Netflix and chill!

4. Pick your chick flick!

A girls’ night is nothing without watching chick flicks , unless any of you have major hate for movies. Choose any of your favorite movies that you love watching with your BFFs. Grab enough popcorn and enjoy the night. Here are some movie suggestions for a girls night : Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, Titanic, Valentine’s day, To all the boys I’ve loved before, Step up, Enchanted, The devil wears Prada, Sleep over, Mamma Mia, Miss Congeniality, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Freaky Friday, The hangover… You can find many more on internet. Choose one and get lost in the scenes!!

5. Set up a DIY spa and parlour

And it’s time to groom yourselves and girlfriends not because you’re dirty but because it’s lot fun. Arrange a diy spa, beauty parlour and nail bar and do your own manicure , pedicure and have facial masks if you want any. Just enjoy your giggles and warmth. After its done, it’s up to you to paint your nails at the DIY nail bar with multiple nail colours. You can do all of it while having wine. Or you may crash yourselves down in bathtubs and sing like no one is hearing. All the melodrama is admired, it’s a girls’ night!

6. Kill the runaway

For more fun just explore your closets, get dressed in the weirdest of outfits and walk like a model on ramp. While few are the contestants, the others are judges. Cheer up and kill the looks. Scores are important and so are treats!!

7. Prepare for some morning breakfast

After you’re with all the night plans, start preparing a breakfast smoothie or toast you can enjoy the next morning in the breakfast. Remember a good end to girls night is too important. It’s then when we actually plan the next get together. While all this is going on, gossipping is on, wine is on and fun is full on!!


8. Get drunk and dance!!

Clink the wine glasses and dim down the lights and turn on the music. Dance your heart out like nobody is seeing. Refill your glasses and refill the fun. Drink, shout, sing , dance and play. And when you are zonked out you already have your cozy place to pass out.


Hope the ideas were easy, fun and useful. Will be up with more unique ideas. Stay tuned!

Love <3




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    Amara Cyrus

    Wooahh !! Its fab. !! How cool it is.
    Its so much fun read this article and tips.
    Desperately looking forward to have this kind of night with my girls.
    So much excitement. Thank you so much for writing this article and sharing it with us.

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