Yoni Yoga – A Way to a Calmer Sexual Life

yoni yoga

For the ones who have never heard about the word ‘yoni’, today is the day to learn something new, about yoni and yoni yoga. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means ‘womb’ in English. Yoni also translates to the holy temple. The womb is the female organ of reproduction and includes everything from the vulva, vagina, and uterus. In the yogic language, the vagina is referred to as the origin, the vulva is referred to as the abode, and the uterus is referred to as the source. Yoni in short is the place where the life of every human begins.

Also, yoni is housed in the sacral chakra area of women which is the seat of sexual pleasure and joy in them. Worship of yoni is the worship of Goddess and worshipping of women as living expressions of the Goddess.

Now, you know what a yoni is, it wasn’t something you didn’t know, right? Now, let me tell you about the ‘yoni eggs’. Of course, it is related to the female genitals. You got that right!


Yoni Eggs/Jade Eggs – Everything you need to know about this trending egg

Breaking this for you in the simplest words so that you get the clarity.

Yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone. It is also famously called the jade egg because it is made of jade, amethyst, or quartz. These eggs are nothing but egg-shaped stones This egg is supposed to be inserted inside the vagina and feel its presence down there. The purpose of this egg is to tighten the pelvic muscles, increase the libido and orgasm, balance the hormones, and also decrease the period cramps.

Yes, a piece of stone (an egg) does all these wonders for you. This one is a healing crystal that has spiritual benefits for the mind and soul.

You can keep the yoni eggs inside the vagina for a few minutes or up to 12 hours for maximum. One can use it daily for this time limit.

But, the catch here is if you want to avail all these benefits you must consult a professional yogini before going ahead with this idea. It is not something you buy and start using. Since the egg is made of crystal, there are higher chances that bacterial and fungal infections might happen in your vagina. So, reach out to a yogini and understand the concept. They are the experts for a reason.

yoni eggs
yoni eggs

Benefits of Yoni Egg

We shared a few benefits above of these eggs but let us tell you some other surprising benefits of this healing crystal. I am pretty sure an increase in orgasms or reduction period cramps is enough reason to entice you to buy it. But, let me give you more insights.

  1. Using the yoni eggs at least twice a week awakens the erogenous zones of women like the G spot, cervix, and all other related spots. These eggs increase the desires that lead women to enjoy sexual intercourse more than before and even it is great for increasing self-pleasure.
  2. A lot of women have faced some sort of soft or hard sexual trauma in their lives that becomes a huge hindrance and doesn’t let them enjoy sexual intercourse to the fullest. These are healing crystals and they let your genitals heal properly.
  3. If you didn’t know then the pelvic floor is the foundation of the whole human body. Keeping it strong is the core to a healthy spine and healthy endocrine system. You can do yoni yoga for this. I will talk about this in the latter sequence of the blog.
  4. Not only sexually, but the yoni egg can help in reducing anxiety, stress, overthinking, and analyzing. The jade egg inside the vagina creates a physical sensation down under and it makes you feel more embodied. Hence, it gets you out of your ‘stuck’ or ‘block’ zones.
yoni eggs
yoni eggs

Yoni Yoga – The Star of the Blog

I know you have been waiting for the yoga technique that takes you to calmer and more enjoyable sex life. Let’s get into it straight away.

Yoni Yoga is a yoga practice for your yoni or womb. It is a practice that helps every woman unite with her womb space. Yoni yoga helps you to connect with your intimate parts to become more physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong and secure. To gain confidence in one’s sexuality, yoni yoga is the best as it will help a woman to reconnect with her desires and natural urges.

You insert the yoni egg inside your yoni (vagina) and practise the yoni yoga for the best results. In yoni yoga, a variety of yoga poses are included that are combined with rhythmic breathing and mindfulness exercises. The yoni meditation is focused on the womb.

yoni yoga
yoni yoga

Origin of Yoni Yoga

Okay, so let me be honest about this. A lot of you might be thinking that this is a new concept introduced in the era of feminism to empower women. But, this is not true. The yoni yoga practice is an ancient one that originated in China thousands of years ago. It was the Taoists who believed that the way to a healthy mind and body was to have healthy sex organs and pelvic floor. This practice was however a best-kept secret of theirs that was only exclusive for the royal concubine and the Empress.

yoni yoga poses
yoni yoga poses

Wonders Yoni Yoga can do to you

  1. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscle
  2. Arouse your erogenous zones
  3. It helps you to connect with your intimate body parts
  4. Experiment with your sexuality and sexual desires
  5. Strengthens your orgasms and even lets you have multiple orgasms
  6. Releases any sort of trauma from your womb space (yoni)
  7. Develops more self-love
  8. Increases sensation in your yoni
  9. Helps you get kinder to yourself

Different Yoni Yoga Poses to Try

There is a variety of yoni yoga poses to try out. Once you get into the rhythm, I assure you that you are going to enjoy it to the fullest. Let me tell you some yoni yoga poses.
Plank Pose
Frog Pose
Bridge Pose
Wall Pose
Squat Pose

yoni yoga poses
yoni yoga poses

Yoni Yoga can bring a positive change in your life if you make it a positive ritual. It is all about enriching your mind, body, and soul at once. Increasing self-awareness and self-love should be on the daily agenda of everyone’s lives and this yoga helps you attain all of those. Be it practising gratitude, manifesting, doing affirmations, or just doing deep morning stretches, the yoni yoga practice helps you in attaining them all.

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