New Moon Rituals to Set Intentions & Manifest Desires: Beginner Guide

Ever heard of the term new moon rituals? Even if you haven’t heard it before, you are definitely intrigued now (ain’t you?). Moon rituals are a thing since times immemorial and spiritual people still do take them seriously and for good. The new moon is a perfect day to set intentions, reset your path, and make the necessary course corrections you need. Excited to know about the new moon manifestation? Read on to know what the new moon is, how one can perform the new moon rituals, and more!

What is New Moon – What’s So Special About It?

new moon

New moon is that auspicious day of the month when the sun and moon align – this marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. New moon day is considered the most fertile day of the month for the same reason. It is a perfect day to begin something new, reflect on your goals, assess where you want to be and to reset on whole.

In simple terms, new moon is the day when the moon disappears and is in dark state from where it grows gradually with each passing day. Similarly, you can align your desire with the moon cycle. Set an intention on this day and let it grow along with the moon. New moons are, in fact, proved to connect people better to their spiritual selves. It means, even without you knowing it, you tend to make new decisions or reflect on your thoughts around new moon period of the month. Interesting, isn’t it? So is the power of moon.

Why Perform New Moon Rituals?

New moon rituals help you work with a purpose rather than getting your tasks done aimlessly. It’s always nice to have something that grounds you to the present and serves as a guide. Use the moon and its cycles to stop, reflect and correct your path towards your goals and desires. Checking on yourself every month and using the new moon as a day of evaluation helps you get clarity in the direction you’re moving.

How to Perform New Moon Rituals As a Beginner?

new moon rituals

There’s no hard and fast procedure or set of rules as to how one should perform new moon rituals. You can perform rituals however your mind, body, and soul like it. The key is to feel connected to your inner self and feel good. However, here is a simple guide for beginners on how you can get started. Let’s dive in!

  • Pick a Time

Pick a time that is convenient for you where you are free for at least 20-30 mins. You can choose any time of the day (after the new moon begins, of course). Make sure that the time you choose allows you to have an atmosphere free from any chaos or noises around. Usually, people tend to pick the night on which the new moon begins, to avoid disturbances and to feel the sense of settlement after a long day.

  • Gather Spiritual Elements

Everything in nature is made of five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. You need to gather at least one thing that represents each of these 5 spiritual elements. For earth, you can take something like a plant, crystal, or flower. For air, you can go with diffused oils or incense. Candle or spices for fire and a shell or a glass of water for water. For spirit, you have yourself, your desire and intention are the spirit.

  • Set Up The Space

Take a shower or bath and create your holy space. Choose a comfortable quiet spot, light some candles, burn some herbs and meditate. Make sure the space is clean and away from any distractions. Sit and meditate. Focus on your breath. Go as easy as you can. Make yourself ready to manifest what you need.

  • Ask for It

Set an intention that’s truly important to you. Be very specific with the details. By being specific as to what you need, you’re clarifying your desire for the universe as well as yourself. You can put it on paper if that works better for you. Visualize it happening. If you have trouble visualizing, you can also make a vision board or journal the same. Put it out in the universe and let it know you’re ready to receive the magic.

This is how you can perform new moon rituals as a beginner. The new moon holds an incredible power that guides everyone regardless of whether or not you believe it. Using such great power to hone your intentions is a perfect way to make them solid.

Things to Remember

  • During the new moon, make sure to keep yourself around things that bring you positivity and good vibes.
  • Stay away from energy-suckers and negativity.
  • The new moon is a perfect time to start something new – be it a job opportunity, or a relationship – anything. If you have something on your mind, go for it!
  • Do not let go of anything that matters to you during this period.
  • If opportunities come your way, do not refuse to take the step. Look for signs that the universe gives you and proceed!

If you are someone who already performs the moon rituals or someone who is going to try them, please let us know what you love the most about the rituals.

Stay tuned. Love and light!

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