Jal Neti – A Yogic Way to a Calmer Mind through a Clearer Nose! 

Jal Neti, a word a lot of you might be hearing for the first time! But, trust me, stick around to the end of the blog and read this thoroughly. You will be mesmerized by this concept. 

Jal Neti is a Sanskrit word that is compiled of two Sanskrit words ‘Jal’ that means water and ‘Neti’ that means ‘to guide’ or ‘guiding’. It is an Ayurvedic practice associated with nasal cleansing. It means guiding water through the nose or the nasal passage for cleaning it from any kind of impurity. Neti is one of the six parts of Shatkarma which is a yogic system comprised of body cleansing techniques. Jal Neti is one of the variants of the Neti as a whole technique.

Jal Neti is all about the nasal hygiene that the yogis have been doing regularly as a part of their daily routine just like we all do oral hygiene. They do it as a part of their daily cleaning process of the body. 

However, let me tell you that there is more to Jal Neti than just cleaning the nose.

Health Relation

It is all about removing the mucus or any kind of pollutants from the nasal passage so that air can freely flow through the passage without any obstruction. The obstruction in the airflow through the nasal passage can lead to allergies, sinus issues, colds, and other respiratory diseases. Jal Neti is effective against all these problems. It helps a person breathe well and reduces all nasal blockage. It is more like deep cleansing. 

The yogis did it to stay disease-free. So, if there is any disease that is blocking the respiratory track or is trying to block smooth breathing, Jal Neti can be the best Ayurvedic cure for that. 

Apart from nasal hygiene and deep cleaning, this Ayurvedic technique also helps humans to align their body-mind, and soul if done regularly. 

Keep reading to know more interesting facts about it.

health benefits of Jal Neti
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How to do Jal Neti?

Jal Neti is a yogic practice which means it is related to yoga. To do Jal Neti, you will have to get three things. First is the Jal Neti pot, second is a pinch of sea salt, and third is the most important thing, it is lukewarm water. 

Jal Neti Pot is a small aesthetic pot with a long spout on one side that is exclusively designed for this purpose. The pot opening is small enough to enter one nostril. 

Simple Steps of it

The first step in the Jal Neti technique is to heat water to the temperature just above the body heat. You need to be very cautious about the water temperature because our Mucous membrane is very sensitive to heat. So, excess hot water is going to ruin it all. Keep it lukewarm. 

The second step is to add a pinch of sea salt to this lukewarm water. Again, excess salt will cause irritation and will not be ideal for people having blood pressure issues. 

Now stir the salt and pour the water into the pot. Now comes, the part of actually doing the Jal Neti technique. 

The third step is to go in front of your sink as water is going to get spilled in this technique. Stand straight and tilt your head forward. Take the nozzle of the Neti Pot and place it in your right nostril. Open your mouth so that the passage between your nose and mouth is closed and it is very important to do this.  This ensures that water doesn’t come out from your mouth. Now pour half the water from the pot into the nostril. This water will and must come out from the left nostril only. 

Now repeat the process with the left nostril and let the water out from the right nostril. You are done now. 

neti technique
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Drying the Nose – Very Important

The fourth step is to take tissue paper and clean your nose so that no excess saline water remains in your nose. 

The further step is very important in which you have to bend your head forward. Start breathing in that very position for 10 to 15 seconds gently in through the nose and out through the mouth and make sure to take 10 breaths. 

Now fold your head forward towards the knees and repeat the same process for 10 breaths. This is important to release all the residuals from your nose. It is very very important to have no residue left in your nose after this process. 

The final part is to dry the nose by taking tissue paper and placing it under the nostrils. Now rapidly breathe through both nostrils in a sniffing action to let all the water come out. Do this for the 10 breath again. 

By now, your nose should be completely dry, or else it could lead to some nasal infections. 

Jal Neti
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It’s Origin

The origin of Jal Neti is India. The yogis in India have been practicing it over the centuries. 

Amazing Benefits of Jal Neti

  1. It improves breathing by removing any kind of blockages.
  2. It is an amazing nasal hygiene technique to keep the nostrils and the nasal passage free of dirt and impurities. 
  3. Jal Neti is an excellent remedy for people suffering from constant allergy issues, cold, sinus, and respiratory problems like asthma. 
  4. It is also beneficial to clear the eye ducts that improve vision. 
  5. Since Jal Neti is a whole-body alignment exercise, it results in the reduction of anger in humans, reducing anxiety, and calming the depressed state of mind. 
  6. It also reduces migraine attacks and middle ear infections. 
  7. This is also proven effective against muscular facial tension. 

When not to do Jal Neti?

  1. If a person is prone to ear infections, they must avoid it. 
  2. Avoid doing it only when you get cold but make it a habit of doing it at least twice a week. If you do it when the nose is entirely blocked because of cold, it will give you irritation. 
  3. If someone faces chronic nose bleeding, they should avoid it too. 

Disclaimer: Must Take Precautions 

  1. The most important precaution in this whole yogic process is to make sure that the nose is totally dry. If not, the residual can lead to some infection and it can be a side effect. 
  2. No matter how insightful you are about the whole process, make sure to do it only if you get properly trained by a yoga practitioner. Don’t trust Youtube videos for this one. 
  3. This process involves using saline water so people suffering from high blood pressure should avoid it. Or you should be very careful with it if you still decide to go ahead with it. People with high blood pressure might feel dizzy when they are drying the nose by standing upright as this is quite stressful. 

Yogic Theory behind the Jal Neti 

Since this is a Yogic and meditative procedure, there is a whole yogic theory behind it. We want you to know that too because it is quite exciting. Also, it is always great to know the whole story. The yogic theory says Jal Neti brings a balance to the breathing system. And balance in the breathing system eventually brings a balance in the autonomic nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. 

The yogic theory says that the Jal Neti also proves to be a healthy practice for mental well-being and to bring clarity to the mind. I mentioned above how it can be helpful in treating anxiety or anger issues. 

Because of this practice, one gets to breathe even more freely than before which increases the amount of prana, or vital life energy, that we absorb.

If someone practices the Jal Neti regularly (at least twice a week), their state of awareness gets promoted through the ability to stimulate the pituitary gland. This in return will activate the third eye or the Jana chakra. Activation of the Jana chakra means being able to see the world with a unity of creation. 

Wasn’t this whole process beautiful?

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