FAQ about The Book “Rooted in Consciousness – A journey towards healing”

When Kajal shared with me about finishing her first ever book and the fact that she is planning to resume her work on her blog, I was happy as well as full of curiosity to know about her book and her journey in the last 3 years. When I found out other people asking the same questions, Kajal and I decided to jot down some FAQs about her book, journey, and life. So here you go my dear readers, below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to Kajal these days.

Q1. What is this book about?

A- My first ever book, ‘Rooted in Consciousness’is all about being actively conscious in our lives. Of course, this book is a result of my personal experiences over the years. It took me some time and lots of personal experiences to understand the value and more importantly, the need for consciousness in our lives. 

Consciousness in the simplest words mean being more actively responsive towards our surroundings. To be more conscious means to be more grounded which I supremely feel is very important for us humans. We do tend to get carried away in different types of situations that come in our life.

It got me some time but reacting consciously to unforeseen and unwanted experiences in my life made me realize how being conscious is such an underrated feeling. 

This book ‘Rooted in consciousness’ lets you face life challenges in a more graceful and less self-toxic way. 

My book is divided into 9 chapters to let the readers understand this concept more. 9 is a thoughtful number right here because it’s my favorite number. Plus it has enough spiritual importance and what better number than 9 for a spiritual and well-being book. My little life snippets are also shared in every chapter right from my heart to let people resonate with me.

I don’t want my readers to just read concepts. I want them to feel that there is a person behind this book who is very much like them. A person who has seen the ups and downs of life like any other normal person. 

I keep saying that this book is a result of experiences. 

The best part that I like about my book is that there are mini-workshops and affirmations at the end of every chapter. This is like an exercise for the readers to get somewhere through this process. It’s just not reading but more about imbibing the concept in real life. 

2. What inspired you to write this book?

A- Well like everyone, my inspiration was also ‘LIFE’. We all get the most inspired by the events and surroundings in our lives, don’t we? When you are in pain, you try all things possible to get yourself healed.

I did the same, went on a search for healing practices, talked to people from different communities to know their experiences, and started jotting down whatever I learned. It helped me go back to reading and re-practicing.

I genuinely want this book to reach as many people as possible because everyone is dealing with a silent battle that they are not talking about with anyone. Those silent warriors who can’t go to therapy for XYZ reasons or are not vocal about their sufferings might find this book helpful. 

The pain that I have gone through gave me experiences that I don’t want anyone else to face. Of course, this book is not going to be a magic book that frees you from your pain but it helps you subtly pass that phase. 

3. Who should read this book and why?

A- Umm, everyone! No, I am not being idealistic but honest. We all need healing and we need to accept it. Acceptance is the first step in the journey of healing. Just ask yourself that do you need healing or not?

The majority of us deal with tonnes of unprocessed emotions that add up as triggers and leads to an outburst sometimes. If you see yourself getting triggers, this book is for you. You need healing. 

Also, just breaking out to you, healing does not have side effects, so just be okay with it. 

Further, I would like to add that our mental health does affect our physical health in ways we don’t realize. For our physical well-being, mental healing is important. You know when you cannot sleep at night because of some issues in your life, it doesn’t just affect your brain but also your body. 

This book tells you how to be conscious in life and that would lead you to control your emotions and change yourself for the good. Let’s say you are short-tempered. But, how did this become your personality trait? You weren’t born with it but situations of life made you this person.

You don’t deserve anything negative and only you can change your toxic traits. Try it. 

4. What is the healing journey you are talking about?

A- Well, in my book there is one dedicated chapter for healing. There are 9 to 10 healing techniques in the chapter that would help you overcome any trauma that you have ever faced. It will help you calm your mind and take control of it. 

And healing could be from anything, healing from the toxic pattern, trauma, relationships, loss, negative thoughts, anything. 

5. Are you still working on your fashion blog?

A- Honestly, I did stop working on my fashion blog completely since 2019. It was unplanned, sudden, and also came as a shocker to me because I never started ‘India Fashion Blogger’ to quit. But, life happened and I was so much in grief that fashion or blog were the last things on my mind.

It took me some time to absorb the grief and then I started my journey towards healing. It took me almost 3 years to get better and I am still working on myself. 

But, now that I look back, I realized that it was this blog “India Fashion Blogger” that gave me recognition, identity, and fame. I think I am in a better place now to restart it as it is never too late to start or restart in life. 

Also, with time, I have realized that fashion is not just about fancy clothes and jazzy makeup but about your personality. If it was only about clothes then everyone would have looked the same in the same clothes but that does not happen right!

Fashion to me now is all about finding peace and calmness in my personality. 

Fashion these days is also conscious. People are avoiding fast fashion, re-wearing clothes are the biggest trend now, makeup products are turning vegan, and so much consciousness is supported in the fashion world. So, why not! 

Fashion has been my first love, my soul calling, so my healing journey encouraged me to get back to doing what I love.

I am happy to say that, IndiafashionBlogger took a new birth where you will find articles about conscious fashion and lifestyle.

6. What encouraged you to take this path of spirituality which is different from the glitz and glamour world?

 A- Having Varanasi as my birthplace says a lot about my inclination towards spirituality. I always had a feeling that some positive energy is always encircling and guiding me towards the better. It was in 2018 that I promptly decided that I want to take up the yoga coach training course. I genuinely feel Universe guided me to take this up for my betterment. 

During that time, I met my mentor, Archana Sufiyana, who became my strength, my therapist, my guide. Spending time with her made me realize that I was going through enough trauma that I wasn’t talking about with anyone.

Her coming to my life as a guiding light was a game-changer for me because she was the one who advised me to get ‘healed’. She helped me find my path of spirituality and I couldn’t be more thankful to her. 

Now that I sit and think of it, I don’t think I would have survived without healing. I would have been worse and there is no other better way than this for me to take on the world. 

7. What do you like more being a Fashion Blogger or a Yogini?

A-It is a tough one! Okay, so let me break one fact about me. I have always been a grateful person. I always loved whatever I did be it the job in banking, acting, fashion blogging, and now yoga coaching. All of these have been amazing phases of my life from which I learned so many things and I will always be grateful for this journey. 

I have evolved so much as a person through all these careers that I cannot choose what I like more. Currently, I am a yoga coach and a fashion blogger both and I would love to see how this goes further. One thing that I am sure of is that I am going to be a more evolved person day by day because I am working on myself. 


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