Sound Healing: A Vibrational Balance Therapy For Mind and Body

sound healing

Sound healing is not a new concept for you, for sure. I mean whenever you are stressed or feel anxious, and you need healing and you mostly turn to music for help. So, sound has been healing you, me, all of us, for sure.  

It is because sound affects the cells in our bodies in calming ways. The different sound frequencies have a different impact on how we feel. The party songs increase our adrenaline by releasing happy endorphins. Then there are slow songs that are totally opposite but surely calming. 

However, sound healing is more like a therapy than just relaxation. 

Let me tell you more about sound healing in this blog. Not exaggerating, but sound healing is a non-medicine way to treat illness and mental pain. 

sound healing
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What is Sound Healing? 

Sound healing is one of the oldest therapies known to mankind. It is an ancient healing technique that uses tonal frequencies to do the job. And when we say ‘sound’, we mean every kind of sounds like resonance, the healing power of the voice, entrainment and intention, harmonics and musical intervals, chant and rhythm. Sound healing is very popular wellness practice that is used by a lot of people worldwide. 

Sound healing is a therapy that basically uses different sound frequencies to treat the bodies and minds of people to bring them to a state of harmony. It is the use of vibrations to relax your mind and body. These vibrations that are released into the minds and bodies are called sounders. Experts say that when these sounders are released in the bodies or minds, they can even reduce anxiety and cure insomnia. These happen because the sounders lower the blood pressure, reducing respiratory rates, and also improving circulation. 

sound healing
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What Can Sound Heal?

Depression, anxiety, pain management, sleep disorders, stress, and PTSD are some of the issues that sound can deeply heal. 

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Sound Healing Sessions

Sound healing sessions are also called sound bath sessions because one bathes in the sound frequencies in the session. These sessions could be for any time. The minimum time is 15 minutes and there is no maximum time but it can totally extend up to several hours.

sound meditation
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So, what happens after a sound healing session? 

Okay, so let me put it this way. You have been extremely worried or stressed about some issue for the past few days. You are always in a state of being restless and the thought is overruling most of your activities. Hence, you decide to take up a sound healing session to cure it.  Post this session, you will definitely feel relaxed. The issue that you are dealing with will not dramatically disappear because you did not get any magic beans. 

It is just that you will not feel as restless as before and there will be less weightage of the issue on your mind. The blockage that you are dealing with will surpass slowly. There is a general feeling of contentment and relaxation. And being relaxed is definitely a form of well being. 

How Does A Sound Healing Session Look Like?

It can be done individually using the headphones or it can also be done in a group session with other people. For this, you will usually have to lie down on the floor or the yoga mat and just listen to the sound frequencies played by your practitioner. If you are doing it individually from your home, you can also cuddle up inside the blankets and listen to the music via headphones. There are a lot of sound healing apps as well these days that could be used to make your mind more relaxed, be less stressed, and also sleep properly. 

While doing the above-said things, you are just bathing in the sound frequencies. The most commonly used instruments for this are singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and drums. All of these instruments have a different purpose. For example, gong releases tension in the body and stimulates the glandular and nervous systems. 

Who Should Try It?

Well, you should try it, I should try it, we all should try it! 

There is no side effect of it and it somehow helps you to stay content. What else do we need in this stressful life where we encounter new stress every day. However, science does not prove sound healing to be a ‘healer’ but some professionals and studies have definitely suggested it for the well being of humans. It is just like meditation or let’s say it is even better than it for some people because music keeps the minds of the people occupied. 

Some people have so many ongoing thoughts (like me) who find it very difficult to meditate especially in the starting days because the thoughts keep me occupied throughout. I haven’t taken professional help for meditation but I have tried it a lot of times by myself and it hasn’t worked.

I guess sound healing could definitely be a thing considering I do get indulged in music. And if music keeps playing in my mind I am very that the focus transition will happen in my mind. 

Also, just a life-changing tip for you all, do not expect a lot from anyone or anything. If you start the sound healing therapy to heal insomnia and expect it to start sleeping like a baby from the first session itself, you might be pressuring it.

sound healing
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Benefits of Sound Healing 

1. Improves your health 

Improved sleep, improved blood pressure, reduced chronic pain, reduced cholesterol levels, and decreased rate of heart attack are some of the health benefits listed by the professionals. But, all of these are possible under a professional’s supervision. 

2. It helps you relax and feel content 

The existence of sound healing is to relax your senses. It is to release happy endorphins in your mind and body and make you feel less stressed. 

3. It clears energetic blockages 

Some people are highly benefitted through the sound healing sessions. These sound vibrations open, balance, and clear their chakras while releasing the stuck energy. It acts as an energetic deep tissue massage for them. 

4. It leads to mental and emotional well being 

As said, it helps in reducing stress, overthinking, and anxiety, you are definitely going to be mentally happy. The issues that keep bothering you will seem to lower down giving you contentment. 

Types of Sound Healing Therapy

1. Group Session 

The most common type of sound healing therapy is group sessions. A sound bath therapy is organized for a group of people led by the practitioner/trainer. All the people have to lie down on their back in the savasana position comfortably. The practitioner starts playing music and everyone bathes in the sound and just relaxes during the session. The sound does its job. 

group sessions
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2. Private Session

Concentrating in a group for anything could be tough for a lot of people. Count me in there! 

So, for people like us, there are options of private sessions where the entire activity can be done alone just with the trainer. It is more of a one on one session where the trainer gives full attention to you. These sessions are higher in price. 

private sessions
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3. Solo Session 

Solo sessions are more like private sessions but without one on one connections with the practitioner. These can be done by using the pre-recorded sessions. 

solo sessions
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This blog taught you how sound can be a healer. If you think you are depressed, stressed, have issues in sound sleeping, have anxiety, then I would suggest you go for sound healing therapy. It will help you calm your senses and feel freer in your life. 

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