Gua Sha and Jade Roller: The Therapeutic Face Massagers 

If you are someone quite active on Instagram or Youtube, you might have seen Gua Sha and jade rollers being used and promoted by lots of creators. You will surely be lying if you say you never wanted one for yourself after seeing those videos. Well, the same story because who wouldn’t want naturally glowing skin, right? 

No, I am not selling you a Gua Sha or a jade roller indirectly, I am going deep into this topic. Let’s understand the concept behind these beauty tools. If you use these or ever wish to use them in the future, you should know the in and out of these magical products.

Let me take you through it! 

Gua Sha
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Concept of Gua Sha 

So, Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese method of healing the skin. Gua means to scrape and Sha means sand. In this practice, a stone is used to press on the skin by applying pressure to relieve pain. It is not only used on the face but also on other parts of the body like the neck, arms, back, etc to release the muscle tension. It was practiced to reduce chronic pain back then. Also, it was done only by professionals because it involved some trained tricks. 

Gua Sha
Picture Courtesy – The Washington Post

Gua Sha – The Magical Curved Stone 

The tool that is used in this practice is also called Gua Sha. It is nothing but a flat, semi-precious stone. The stone used is flat jade or rose quartz. Gua Sha as a beauty tool or a face massager has recently gone popular because of the immense skin benefits it has. It is a natural therapy for the face to improve blood circulation. 

We always think about the external appearance of our skin and keep worrying about acne, scars, blemishes, etc only to treat them from outside. The source of all these issues lies underneath our skin and Gua Sha helps you treat them from their source. Yes, I am not kidding! 

It is also called coining. Will you be surprised if I tell you that it is one of the most affordable facial treatments ever that you can invest in? Also, it is a one-time investment that you can reuse as much as you want. 

How To Use

So, while using Gua Sha, you have to make an upward stroke on the skin to relax the stiff muscles and also to promote tissue drainage. This is how you massage your face using a Gua Sha. Hands down, it is one of the most aesthetic facial treatments ever. It has lots of benefits than you could think of that we will also discuss right here. The Gua Sha used for the face is different in shape than the one used in the body. 

Note that you do not use Gua Sha on your face under excessive pressure. It is mild massage therapy. 

Picture Courtesy – Net A Porter

Jade Rollers – The Paint Rollers Of Your Face

Another beauty device is a jade roller which is also a Chinese skincare tool. It looks more or less like a paint roller with stones at both ends. One end has a bigger stone for massaging the jaw, forehead, and cheeks. The other stone is smaller for the under-eye area and area around the mouth. It is just to be used gently all over your face. 

One of the simplest ways to reduce puffiness from the face is to include a jade roller in your skincare routine.

jade rollers
Picture Courtesy – Glamour

Benefits On The Face

1. Lymphatic Drainage 

Gua Sha or the jade rollers can improve the lymphatic drainage system. The poor lymphatic drainage system can cause fatigue, acne, puffiness, eye bags, etc. Using Gua Sha or jade rollers can improve lymph circulation. Using these ensures no more stressed face at all. You won’t have days when your eyes look tired in the selfies, trust me. 

2. Reduces Puffiness

Do most of us wake up with a puffy face on most mornings? Yes! Do we like waking up like this? No! Using Gua Sha or jade roller continuously can decrease the puffiness on the face by removing lymph and other fluids from our faces. On top of it, your face will be more chiseled. 

3. Improves Blood Circulation

Right after a facial or a cleanup session, our skin tends to have a fantastic glow. Of course, it is the pack, cream, etc, but it is also continuous massaging on our faces that brings the glow. Because of the massage, the blood circulation tends to increase on our faces that eventually leading to that glow. Gua Sha or jade rollers also do this. 

4. Reduces Cystic Acne and Acne Scars

The improvement of blood circulation leads to all these fantastic things. This is your permanent therapy for fighting stubborn acne and its leftover scars. 

5. Reduces Dark Circles

Do you know what improved blood circulation on your face will do? It will reduce dark circles eventually. What else do you need more, girls? 

6. Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Not lying when I say this! You can count these tools as one of the best anti ageing tools that constantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It happens because your stiff facial muscles and tissues get relaxed which smoothens out the aging signs.

7. Sculpts Cheekbones and Jawline 

You will be free from contouring your face with a highlighter and bronzer permanently because these tools naturally contour your face. Massaging your face regularly with these sculpts your cheekbones and defines your jawline. In addition to this, if you do facial yoga regularly, think about the chiselled face shape that you would be having for life. 

Steps To Use Gua Sha Effectively 

First Step – Cleansing and Toning 

It is always recommended to use Gua Sha on the clean skin. So, wash your face and use some toner after it. Also, wash your Gua Sha with water and cleanser and then only start using it. 

Second Step – Applying Facial Oil 

To let the Gua Sha slide effortlessly on your face, it is very important to damp your face with facial oil. Also, apply facial oil on your neck if you are planning to use Gua Sha there. You can use any facial oil as per your preference. 

Third Step – Start the Massaging 

Now is the time to start the Gua Sha therapy. Hold Gua Sha at a 30 to 45-degree angle and very gently pull/scrape it across your skin. Make sure all your movements are upward following the lymphatic flow. Repeat the movement 3 to 5 times in one area pf your face and then move on to another. 

Follow these steps for different facial areas:

Brows – Glide upwards along the brow bone area. You should be going inside out. 

Lips – Glide on your lips back and forth to have plum lips. 

Jawline and Chin – Glide upwards from the centre of the chin. For the jawline, glide to the earlobes to contour it. 

Under Eye – Glide outwards from the inner corner of the eyes towards the temple. 

Cheek Glide upwards from the nose in a sweeping motion along the cheeks and cheekbones. Move outwards towards your ears. 

Forehead – Glide from the centre of the forehead in the outward direction. Divide your forehead into left, right, and centre partitions and keep gliding outwards in all. 

Neck – Glide upwards from the bottom. 

Using a jade roller is pretty much the same. However, using a jade roller is much easier as you just have to glide the stones in the right direction. The directions of it is same as Gua Sha.


Including any of these is a great addition to your skincare routine. These are definitely worth an investment. Also, just like our bodies and brains, it is our faces and facial muscle as well that needs a lot of relaxation. However, we tend to overlook it and the outcome of it results in dark circles, puffy eyes, patches on the skin, and whatnot. So, let’s not overlook but indulge in some amazing facial therapies that would rejuvenate our skin and let them be naturally glowy. 

The deal is pretty good, girls!

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