7 Must have beauty tools in your makeup kit!

The morning rush to work can sometimes take you forever if you happen to wake up with puffy eyes, knotted hair or an oily skin. Scouring for the clunky old straighteners will add on to the mundane Monday rush. But, a simple upgrade of your beauty arsenal might give you the time for an extra cup of coffee! Check out the tools of the trade that you’ve got to stuff into your makeup bag!


Shelling out a fortune on a weekend exfoliation session at the spas may not be a wise choice when you can have it done at the comfort of your home. For a woman who is serious about skincare, Foreo Luna offers 4 different brushes depending on your skin type. The silicone bristles on the brushes have 12 different pulsations that let you choose if you want a gentler or a deeper cleanse. But, if you are a first time to sonic cleansing, you could go for the Luna play. The cutely colored brushes are sure to find a place in your gym bags!


Crystal facial rollers have already hit the beauty community with the like of Hilary Duff and Khloe Kardashian. Their innate calming actions have upgraded them from being mere paperweights at our desks. The jade roller has got polished oval jade crystal on either end, to easily run over the skin on our faces and necks. Jade crystals are believed to have an innate calming action. Well, it isn’t without a reason that they are a part of the ancient Gua sha treatments! Massaging the skin under these rollers helps you with elasticity, giving a natural contour. Oh, yea, and the wrinkles don’t stand a chance!


The Clarisonic Mia 2 might seem like a pricey bet at Rs.23000 and odd. But will give you back all the money that you shell out at the spa every weekend! The sonic facial cleanser comes with a series of brushes depending on your purpose – whether you are fighting against acne or if you got a heavily clogged pore at the T-zone; this brush is going to be your lifesaver!


Acne seems to be everyone’s teenage companion. Sometimes, breathing down the neck even in adulthood. The revolutionary Neutrogena’s light therapy mask kills the acne bacteria using blue light. There is also some red light radiating from the mask that works on the texture. Overall, the mask is a good bet for active acne but if it is just the scars that you are battling with, then you might take a backseat.


How many times have you been through the Eyeliner tragedy? Are struggling to get the perfect winged line? You are not alone! A perfect, thick line will wield magic on your nude look. But oftentimes, this line doesn’t come in just one try. So if you eager to embrace the winged eye, cat eye or just the smoky liner in under a minute’s time, eye stencils are out in the market for you to consider!


The one beauty essential in every artist’s makeup kit is the eyelash curlers. This stainless steel equipment is a minimal effort to maximum effect! Not to forget that this is going to be the most economical buy in your makeup bag!


Your face is sure to radiate natural beauty by using the aforementioned tools. And, to complete it off in finesse, just run your hair through your hair; you are all set to go! A paddle brush is good for every type of frizz and knots. But if you want the specifics, check out the Hair Brush Guide!

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