Winter Skincare Routine For Different Skin Types 

Neglecting skincare during the winters is like abusing your skin. No, I am honest about this, maybe brutal, but definitely honest. The winter weather, the dry air, and the harsh sunlight (that we like a lot to soak in during this chilly weather) have a severe effect on our skin. These effects are so evident that it is highly impossible to overlook them. Dry skin, flaky skin, etc are quite evident, aren’t they? Not overlooking means going extra with the winter skincare routine. 

To be honest, if you still do not care about your skin during the winters, I am sorry but you are doing totally wrong. It is during this season that our skin needs the most care. I have curated a full proof winter skincare routine for different skin types from morning to night for you all in this blog. 

Don’t worry, it is not strenuous and would not take enough of your time or energy. 

Dry And Sensitive Skin 

For people having dry and sensitive skin, it is the toughest during the winters. Your skin doesn’t quite fit in the weather. The dry air is your worst enemy and it doesn’t let your skin breathe properly during this weather. Hence, a little more effort goes into your case. But, you got to do what you got to do. 

Morning Winter Skincare Routine 

  1. Start with Moisturising Your Face

Your morning ritual of winter skincare routine begins with moisturising your face. You can use any hydrating serum or moisturiser to pamper your skin. Your skin needs enough nourishment in the form of long-lasting moisture hence this is a crucial step. Excusing this step would lead to dry flaky skin or dry cells all over your face. 

winter skincare routine

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2. Dampen With Nourishing Oil 

This step does the same job as the previous one. But, this would keep your face moisturised in the long run. You need continuous nourishment on your face so that dry air doesn’t make your face even drier. You can use nourishing plant-based oil or any enriching face oil for this purpose. 

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3. Sunscreen Time 

Not only summers, but you should always apply sunscreen on your skin before going out. During the winters, we expose our skin to the sun a lot because we tend to like the winter sun on our faces. But, this doesn’t mean that your skin would not be hampered because of it. So, make sure to include this in your winter skincare routine. 

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Night Rituals 

  1. Wash Your Face 

Of course, be it any season, ending your day with a nice face wash is always highly recommended. After everything that your skin goes through, a nice splash of water and soft face wash is important to keep your skin clean. 

2. Cold Cream Massage 

Moisturising and oiling the face is for deep nourishment of your skin. But, for protecting your outer skin during the night, you can always opt for a nice winter cold cream. It would keep your skin hydrated for the longest hours. Do this immediately after you wash your face to nourish it properly. I would highly suggest you not leave your face dehydrated without a cold cream massage after you wash it during the winters. 

winter skincare routine

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3. Aloe Vera Gel is a Nice Alternative 

If you not opting for a cold cream then the best alternative for you has to be an aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel or real aloe vera pulp is nourishing enough to keep your skin hydrated from within. This is one of the best ways to take care of your skin during winters. Make sure to include it in your nighttime winter skincare routine. You can also go for this and skip the cold cream part. 

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Oily Skin 

If you think managing oily skin during the winters is an easy task, let me burst the bubble for you. It is not! Yes, during the winters the humidity decreases which decreases the excessive grease on your face. But, it does not make it completely natural so that you can go without thinking about it. During the winter, you need to change your skincare routine a bit if you have oily skin. 

Let me tell you what all you can do as a part of the winter skincare routine for oily skin. 

Morning Winter Skincare Routine 

  1. Double Face Wash 

By double face wash, I simply mean to wash your face twice a day. If you don’t see enough oil excreted on your face during the winters, doesn’t save you from washing it twice. Use a nice soft face wash and wash your face with cold water twice every day. 

2. Follow the CTM Process

CTM process is the cleansing, toning, and moisturising process that you religiously need to follow irrespective of the season. For people having oily skin, it is highly recommended to use water-based cleansers. Instead of the milk cleanser, always go for the toners. These products would keep your excess face oil under control. Make sure to do it in the morning right after washing your face. 

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3. Use Non-Comedogenic Sunscreen 

If you are having oily skin, you need sunscreen that does not clog your pores. The non-comedogenic sunscreen will always work wonders for you. They are so light that you wouldn’t feel a thing on your face. 

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Night Rituals 

  1. Wash Your Face 

As I said, you need to wash your face twice a day even during the winters. This would keep the oil in control. Also, after applying so much moisturiser, sunscreen, etc, it is always good to wash your face and let it feel free. 

2. Aloe Vera Gel Massage 

Aloe vera gel is a wonderful product that helps every skin type. For people having oily skin, a great night winter skincare routine could be just applying a layer of aloe vera gel and letting it stay on your skin for the entire night. This just one product is enough to keep your skin hydrated naturally. 

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You must be wondering that the winter skincare routine for almost every skin type is pretty much the same. Well, yes it is. Just the frequency and the kind of products that you need to use are different. I told you that we are going to keep it super chill and easy that you can religiously follow. Hence, here it is. 

I know how lazy the weather is during the winters and we hardly want to move from our beds. The weather makes it difficult to have a proper setup of winter skincare routine. But, I think we all can manage with these simple steps and minimal products. 

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