Hair accessories which you can add to your daily outfit and star it up!

“Since ancient times, women have been delighted when it comes to decorating their long and luscious hair. From jewelry to bands to veils, hair accessories have always been a cherry on the cake for completing attires and giving it an edge.”

No matter how much we deny, even the smallest addition of our hair can uplift your entire appearance. I’m not just talking about evident ones. Here is a list of some hair accessories which you can add to your daily outfit and star it up!


Yes, the one that was our favorite accessory after Minnie, The Mouse made it cuter for us than it already was. Polka dares is not the only design you can opt for. You can use ribbons and lace of your favorite pattern and tie the bow know. After that, just minimal clip and use some glue to put it in place. Baam!

Materials such as lace and ribbons are perfect for indoor occasions and relatively harder materials such as metal and plastic are perfect for the outdoor night occasions since the camera lights reflect easily because of the solid surfaces.

There are clip bows, slip-on bows and even the ones with velcro. Choose your style and slay them cute bows!

2-Hair Clips

I have pretty thick and heavy hair and the volume literally gives me a headache. The layers I’ve gotten done in these are the only thing keeping my head in check which is why I am a huge fan of hair clips. The variety and the possibility are immense. You state your need, you have a clip for that. Barrettes, flat-clips, duckbill-clips, banana hair clips and thank god for those hair clutches which save my day.

I cannot stress enough on the fact that they’re not only a beautiful addition to your everyday outfit, but provide you with an aesthetically enhanced edge when it comes to handling your already gorgeous hair.

You can use smaller ones with a few hairs tucked over your ear and just let them loose. They not only make your hair look neat but also appeal when matched with your outfit.

3-Hair Jewellery

Evident since Victorian Period, hair jewelry is a beautiful element of ethnic jewellery, irrespective of the community you’re talking about. Be it gold, silver, platinum or any other material, precious or artificial, it doesn’t matter. Your hair jewellery doesn’t have to be ethnic mandatorily. You can always opt for west-inspired designed such as glittered chains and studded brooches. It’s all yours to juggle with.

Jewellery is a domain you can experiment with. You can add them to your gowns, dresses, lehengas, sarees or any other attire you want to elevate.

4-Ribbon Hair Ties

Unlike me, you can always your ribbons as your hair tie. Rounding up your ribbon around the bunched hair is a great idea to keep your hairstyle in place and neatly intact.

You can use whatever colour you want, whatever width you want and they will never fail you.

I personally prefer black ribbons with gold or silver border. You can also use them as an additional accessory and tie it over a minimal rubber band.

You can play around with your ribbon and add lace or patches on it with glue to make it really an impressive hair accessory.


As per the definition, “a wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, or various materials that are constructed to resemble a ring.” (Source – Wikipedia)

I am obsessed with flower wreaths. They can make any attire tropical or beach-ish just by sitting on the top of your head and make you look pretty.

Wreaths can be made out of artificial flowers and a simple wire. You can play around with the types. Add leaves along with your favorite flowers and you’ll understand how Katy slew them in the music video “Roar”.

As for me, I always pick up the brightest of glitters for my eyeshadow and the nudes for my lips whenever I wear a wreath.


Extravagant feathers can take your attire up notches. Undoubtedly, they can be a little funky when you’re adding them as an accessory which is really eye-catching and huge in size. But minimal and smaller feathers can be a great hair gem to your overall look.

It doesn’t matter what color your hair is, even a mismatched feather would do wonders for you. Especially for teenagers and college students, it’s a very hippie accessory for your everyday wear.


Elegant. Royal. Lustrous.

Tiaras are not for the faint of boldness because it takes courage to be the princess you are. Tiaras are not limited to gowns. You can wear them with any dress and just by sitting on your head, it will make you feel like a royal princess in no time.

You can choose the stones, the size, the style and the color of your tiara.

I personally prefer minimal bands with a catchy stone to make it look simple and pretty.


It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, what your hair type is and whether you have dreadlocks or not, scarfs can be nailed by those who know how to. Contrary to the notion, scarfs are not just limited to people with darker skin tone or heavy hair.

Wrap them around your hair to get a tribal look or just tie them like a headband and let the end loose. They’re a great addition to your everyday attire for college or casual hangouts with friends. You can use solid or patterned prints with your jeans and top for everyday wearing.

For material, I would suggest you go for a lighter one since it’ll be easy to wear it for the entire day.

9-Hats and Beanies

Hats for summers and beanies for winners – let’s stick to the stereotypes for this one. Floral hats can be a beautiful accessory to your beachwear or even for a hangout on a sunny day outside with your friends.

Simple and plain ones can add a vintage look for a cocktail party; floral with printed gowns; solid ones with your formal dress – the possibilities are immense.

10-Glitter Stickers

Hair stickers are as new as hair makeup. Be it the studded pearls ones or silver eardrops, you can add them to add elegance to your attire. Not just the elegance, you can funk you attire up with some designer ones as well.

You can braid your hair to the sides and add some cool stickers of flowers and bows.

11-Head Bands

Headbands are some of the classic hair accessories in the list. You can use different materials to make your headbands. Pearls and studs are great materials to use for the headbands. Other materials such as feathers, flowers and leaves can also be used.

Okay, So these are some of my favorite hair accessories. Which ones do you think are your type?

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