Shoe and Tell : A Shoe Guide for Women

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Shoes are one of the most essential accessories in every woman’s arsenal. Be it your usual slip on shoes that you don for rough use or the slinky stilettos that you slip into for a cocktail party, shoes have seen time immemorial be crafted to suit women in every instance and at every point. Sold by great demand all over the world, designers have come up with different shoe styles, each more unique than the other and each meant to be the gem of your ensemble. Beginning from Steve Madden to Jimmy Choo, every girl has a dream of owing a massive shoe closet to walk through. Here is your ultimate shoe style guide that mentions the different kind of shoes every woman must own and how to pair them with different outfits. Let your shoes shine, ladies.

Kitten Heels – These adorable little stubby heels are perfect for women who like wearing heels but can’t seem to walk in them. Kitten heels come in a varied range of colours, designs and details and are comfortable to walk around in, all day. Perfect for your office wear or any corporate event, these heels will give you a professional look without hurting your feet.

Stilettos – The holy grail of women’s shoes, stilettos with their gorgeous designs and beautiful colours are the shoes that women lust over. With heels that are high and sleek, these shoes are definitely worth the splurge. A fun girls’ night out, a formal dinner or even a casual date, stilettos see you through every event and make you look glamourous. If you want to take it the traditional way and dress up in a saree, these ever so faithful shoes will not fail you.

Wedge Heels – Another shoe that lives up to the comfort paradigm are wedge heels. Crafted for comfort, these shoes give you the feeling of wearing high heels without the pain of having to walk in one all day. With their versatile designs that range from sandals to pumps, these heels will keep you going and looking great. Pair them up with a summer dress for the day or tights and a top for the evening, these shoes blend into your casual wear and give it another edge.


Flats or Sandals – A staple in every woman’s shoe collection, flats or sandals are pretty as they are comfortable and easy to wear. Different colours, different styles and different designs come together to create sandals, each looking more exquisite than the other. As the designs vary, from sling-backs to T-bars, laced up ones to flip flops, every style has a distinct kind of apparel to go with it. For a traditional look, the ideal sandals would be kolhapuris or strappy sandals that come with their chunky beads and meticulous designs. If its a more casual western look you’re going for, then T-bar sandals, sling backs or criss cross strapped sandals complete your look.

Ballerinas – Cute and adorable, ballerinas are the go to shoes for formal occasions when high heels prove to be difficult. With their cute detailing in terms of bows and ribbons and the assortment of colours they come in, these shoes are easy to slip right on and conquer your daily obstacles. Dressed up with jumpsuits and blazers or even dressed down with a simple shirt, these shoes perk up your outfit instantly.


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