Clinique Long Lasting Lipsticks Review

Makeup that has been crafted, curated and created for women from all walks of life, the company that has a range of fragrances and cosmetics that have always been in vogue and products that live up to the standards and expectations of beauty, Clinique from the Estee Lauder company has changed the way cosmetics existed. With a range of lipsticks that have since their launch made a mark on the lists of best products every year, the long lasting and dramatic colours that the brand has come up with are indeed ones that your makeup kit needs right away. Read on to know all about the pros and cons of this lip colour range.



The Pros:
Going by their names, these lipsticks are indeed long lasting and they will stay on after you apply your first coat of the day.
Giving your lips a natural yet a dramatic colour, these shades blend beautifully with your natural colour and give you the look you desire.
Smooth and soft, these shades come with ingredients that not only protect your lips and keep them from getting chapped, but also accentuate the shape of your mouth.
With a variety of different colours, each meant to give you a different kind of look, these shades are made for your days; be it for an evening or for a power packed day.
This long lasting lip colour nourishes your lips and the vibrant hues along with the packaging makes these shades easily portable, thus you can slip them right into your clutches.

A rich beautiful colour, a smooth luxurious feeling upon being applied and no worries about it being smudged or the colour wearing off, these shades are meant for you to apply and forget about the pain of reapplying.

The Cons:
Coming on the higher end of an average lipstick budget, these lip colours tend to be slightly overpriced, which is why indulging in them may feel like a luxury.
Despite the cute packaging, these lipsticks are slightly petite and smaller than your average sized lipsticks which is why you may feel like there wasn’t enough for you to last long.

Since the colours seem to be so natural, you may get the feeling of the shades not being dark or prominent enough, hence having to apply coat after coat of the lighter shades.

The shades that we urge you to buy:

All said and done, Clinique is for every woman, for ones who love their makeup indulgences to the ones who would like to learn more about makeup. With hues that attempt to capture all the shades and sides of being a woman, these long lasting lip colours are just what you need at every point of the day. Here are the ones that we are absolutely lusting over.

All Heart : A shade that is the perfect blend of maroon, red and a hint of pink, all heart is perfect for any time of the day. You can be dynamic in the mornings and stunning in the evenings with a hint of this shade. A little bit of glitter and a smooth finishing, this isn’t your average rouge tone.

Runway Coral : Women shy away from wearing peaches and corals because these tend not to compliment their complexions, but not anymore. Clinique’s runway coral is a delicious shade which is pretty in pink and peach. A colour so subtle and delightful, its perfect for a brunch date or an afternoon with your girlfriends. Just the colour to give you the feeling of summer and girly fun.

Blushing Nude : A mix of nude with subtle shades of cocoa, this colour is all of a kind. Gone are the days when nudes would seem so mundane. This perky shade lifts your sprits right up and goes well with all your outfit colour combinations. Ideal for your formal occasions, just a coat of this will give you the look you’re aiming for.























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