An element of fashion that can never be overstated, a piece amongst many that remains a classic, earrings are the most versatile and sophisticated accessories that blend into every ensemble and always create a statement. Being beautiful pieces of jewellery, earrings come in their various styles and avatars, each more unique and distinct than the other. Exquisite designs, intricate work and varied colours come together to craft earrings that leave people in awe. Here is taking a look at some of the earrings that have been in vogue and other ones that have carried the trend forward.

Tassel Earrings – The trend that emerged of late, the past few seasons, tassels have made their mark in shoes, clothes and even jewellery, ranging to some of the most diverse and creative earring styles that jewellery makers all over the world have been striving to create and innovate. Worn by some of the most glamorous starlets such as the likes of Deepika Padukone to royalty when Kate Middleton adorned them as well, tassel earrings as a trend has been continuing strong and some of the most gorgeous designs have come forth in this wave.

Ball Drop Earrings – As the name suggests, ball drop earrings are along the lines of their tasseled counterparts, except that they come in the shape of balls that range from large to small sizes and alternate in every pair. Giving an almost retro vibe and ranging from kitschy to chic, these earrings are the perfect accompaniment to your easy breezy maxi during the day and can moonlight as a stunning pair on your earlobes in the evening as well.

Chandelier Earrings – Classic earrings that never failed to make head turn, chandelier earrings are perfect for any outfit due to their different designs that go well with anything. Be it a formal meeting or a fun get together, these earrings are just the accessories that you need to spice things up a little bit.

Geometric Earrings – Avant garde as they are and as fashionable as the latest trends can get, geometric earrings are the rage amongst fashion brands and women across the globe. With their trendy design, minimalist options and tasteful pieces, these earrings are subtle but yet make you stand out in a crowd. Bold and muted hues come together as the chromes, silvers and golds make a great appeal and work well with solid colours. Perfect for evenings and formal occasions, these earrings are polished and refined, giving you an elegant yet radically different look altogether.

Feather Earrings – The trend that began once and dominated people’s taste in jewellery phenomenally, feather earrings have been worn over and over and their designs have been reinvented and revamped through the years to keep pace with the trends. While the first few earrings of the lot were actually feathers, over the years, metal filigree has become a tasteful trend that women love to adopt. Gold and platinum feather earrings have adorned models during fashion shows while authentic feather earrings made from the feathers of exquisite birds have been created by designers and have been sold old ever since.




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