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Mesmerize India

#GirltToGirlTalk: Time to talk about some gorgeous local finds

No wonder 2020 hasn’t been great because of obvious reasons. The introduction of the pandemic life wasn’t easy for anyone. But, out of all the chaos that started with the pandemic and lockdown, one initiative got started in India called #GoVocalForLocal. This initiative was about helping and supporting our local businesses.

This of course gave rise to enough small businesses in the country. With the rise of local businesses on social media and elsewhere, the shift of shopping also happened. Many people just like me got lured with the unique collection these small businesses had to offer.

One such small business I stumbled upon while of course, endlessly scrolling Insta, was Mesmerize India. This millennial classic brand caught my eye because of their eye candy Y2K accessories. Y2K fashion was all over the gram a few months back and that’s how I got enticed by their collection.

If you are anything like me, who believes in the power of accessories, you need to check out this Indian brand. I am a big-time accessory lover who believes in investing in statement accessories to amp up my look. I found affordable heaven for the same. The one I can always fall back on.

Mesmerize India is a women’s fashion accessory brand that sells pendant charms, face masks, mask chains, hairbands, different styles of bags, eye masks, detachable sleeves, scrunchies, and a lot more fashion staples and accessories.

Let me tell you some of the reasons why this brand has become my favourite and is going to remain the same.

Gen Z Appropriate Collection

Now, be honest when I say no matter how much we love classics or timeless pieces, there are days when these trending pieces do not get wiped off from my thoughts. The same happened with the Gen Z collection.

Gen Z fashion is so cool, catchy, wearable, trendy, and all of those things that everyone started wearing.

Of course, like any other fashionista, I could not stop myself imagining the Gen Z style.

As I came across Mesmerize India, I got so much satisfaction as this brand had the best and the most unique Gen Z pieces across categories under my budget. One Gen Z fashion staple that got utterly popular was the detachable sleeves and I got a pair from Mesmerize India under Rs 500.


Mesmerise India

Y2K Charm(S) at Mesmerize India

Thanks to most of the fashion influencers who got us hooked to Y2K aesthetics in 2021. Those quirky charm pendants, the sunglass chains, organza scrunchies, etc came back with a bang. Mesmerize India left every heads turn with their Y2K collection.

Be it their pendant charms, masks, etc, all of them screamed Y2K. The most delightful collection of their Y2K charms were their pendants that were available for under Rs 200.

Mesmerize India

Classics that Never Fade

Okay, so when I said Mesmerize India is a brand for everyone, I meant it.

You might not be fond of millennial fashion which is okay. For the classic people like you, they have their classic’s collection. The most iconic classic pieces to grab from their website are their classic backpacks.

They have a limited collection of them but their neutral designs and aesthetics are surely going to please you.

Mesmerize India backpacks

Gifts for Every Occasion

The entire website of this brand is your home destination to gift something to any woman you know of. There is something for everyone as I mentioned. Also, their variety of products under different budgets makes it affordable for most people.

But, other than that, they also have pre-designed gift hampers. There are gift hampers of different ranges to shop from. It is very convenient to pick a hamper with lots of stuff and gift for your loved ones.

They even gift cards in case that is a more convenient gift idea for you.

Mesmerize India gift hampers

The Epic Bag Collection

This is hands down my most favourite part. I would recommend you to check out the bag collection on Mesmerize India’s website.

I am a fan of their baguette bag collection. Baguette bags have been a huge hit recently and if you would want to invest in good quality, stylish, but also affordable baguette bags, do check them out.

Also, I am in awe of their cloud bags collection. They are a cuter version of baguette bags. I am pretty sure you are going to catch everyone’s attention through these cutesy little bags.

Mesmerize India baguette bags

One-Stop Shop @ Mesmerize India

As already said and exhausted, this website is a whole shopping destination for you.

Right from essentials like masks, scrunchies, eye masks, to fancy items like baguette bags, detachable sleeves, necklaces, bracelets, they have it all.

I am giving you all girlies a challenge here. Just visit their website and spend some time there. If you could resist buying anything, we will talk then!

Check them out on Insta.

Happy shopping without burning holes in the pockets, my loves!

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    bharti buttons

    i loved your writing style.
    The accessories by mesmerize are really awsome, my hand automatically went to other tab on crome to search for mesmerize, specially those necklaces.
    We have a same kind of thing which might interst you..and that is clothing buttons , that too made from natural products.

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