Full Moon Rituals to Let Go and Heal From Within

full moon rituals

Full moon rituals are very well known in the spiritual arena, but it’s high time that everyone knows about them and essentially reap their godly benefits. We have talked about new moon rituals before and how the new moon is an amazing time to set intentions and get started with new ventures (give it a read if you haven’t yet done it). Just like the new moon, the full moon also holds a great deal of power in it. The full moon is an ideal time to reflect on your progress, wrap things up and let go of anything that is holding you back.

What is a Full Moon?

full moon

A full moon is a lunar phase wherein the moon is completely illuminated by the sun and hence looks the brightest from the earth’s perspective. The full moon is that time of the month when the cosmic energy peaks, and for the same reason, many people experience intense emotions around this time. If you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, or sleep-deprived during the full moon, know that you’re not alone and feel free to blame the moon.

What are Full Moon Rituals?

Just like new moon rituals where you perform a set of activities to set new intentions, full moon rituals are mainly focused on letting go and healing along with reflecting back on the progress. Understand it this way – you start working on new things during the new moon and wrap up/reflect on your progress and charge yourself to proceed further during the full moon.

Full moon rituals can help you release your fears and anxiety and foster spiritual cleaning and healing from within. Here’s how you can perform full moon rituals as a beginner. Tweak them according to your own convenience.

Full Moon Rituals: Beginner Guide

full moon rituals

Just as we said about the new moon rituals, there’s no specific way to perform full moon rituals either. You can do just about what feels right to you. The key is to feel connected to yourself and to tap into the energy associated with the moon, and its cosmic spotlight.

  • Clean Your Space

Decluttering your living area during the full moon allows you to focus better on reflection. Remove anything and everything that is associated with negative energy. Clean space clears your head and helps you understand your emotions better. Light some incense or burn sage in the house if that’s something you like.

  • Write Down Your Fears

Whatever it is that you want to let go of, write them down on pieces of paper one by one. Give yourself time to think. What is holding you back from living your best life? What experiences from the past do you want to let go of? Are there any habits you would like to release? Once you are done writing, burn those into dust. This way, you’re setting yourself free of the emotions and feelings that aren’t serving you. You can also take a walk in nature during the full moon period to get clarity on how you feel. Nature is a great outlet to let go of your negativity and anxiety

  • Prepare Moon Water

If you want to really tap into the moon’s full energy, moon water can be really helpful for you. Making moon water is easier than lighting a matchstick. Just fill a glass, bottle, or jar with water and leave it under the full moon overnight. Let the water soak up all the powerful energy of the moon. You can drink the water the next morning or use it to sprinkle on your belongings. Leave the water directly under the moonlight or at any window which gets moonlight.

  • Charge Your Crystals or Belongings

Just like moon water, you can also charge your healing crystals overnight under the full moon. This also means you’re cleansing them off of all the negative energy that is built up over the weeks. You can do the same with your jewelry, journals, etc. Use the moon’s magical power to let out the negativity from anything you wish to.

  • Do Something That Brings Peace

Wrap up the rituals by doing anything that brings you peace. Be it meditating or dancing your heart away. Let go of all your fears and anxiety and get ready to start afresh. Writing down a list of things you’re grateful for or things you love about yourself is also something you can do. This will allow you to reinforce your strength and belief system.

Full moon rituals can be performed alone or with other people who also perform them. Hosting full moon ritual sessions is also an excellent way to get used to them. You get to share experiences and insights that can help the other parties. Isn’t it incredible that we are blessed to be able to use the moon’s energy to recharge and heal?

Stay tuned to know more about spirituality and conscious living. Love and light!

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