9 Best Indoor Plants To Spruce Up Your Space

best indoor plants

Indoor plants, besides giving off all the feel-good vibes, are actually beneficial from a health and wellness standpoint as well.  Oh, wait! They also spruce up your boring-looking corners and turn them lively and vibrant. Some of them have calming properties, while some others purify the surrounding air. Some of the best indoor plants like aloe vera even have an unswerving utility in healing/treating your skin and hair.   

If you are already a plant parent looking to add a few more babies to your collection or a newbie set out to explore the goodness of indoor plants, we’ve got you covered. We are here with a list of the 9 best indoor plants to enliven your home/workspace, their benefits, and how you can take care of them. Have a look at them! 

9 Best Indoor Plants for Your Space: Benefits, Care Tips, and More! 

indoor plants care

There’s a wave of confusion that goes around indoor plants shopping. You most likely get stuck making a smart choice between buying the ones that look good and the ones that have better health benefits or the ones which call for the least maintenance. Fair enough, honestly. If you are new to growing plants, the stakes of this happening are super high. And kid you not, you are not the only one here. So, no worries. To make it easier for you, we’re here to unveil the 9 best options in indoor plants, their benefits, and maintenance tips for you.  

1. Monstera Deliciosa

monstera indoor plant

Simply known as Monstera plant, this is a perfect pick if you are looking to make one of your corners Pinterest-y. This gorgeous plant evidently got its name from the monstrous leaves, which can grow into very large sizes depending on pot size. This is one of the best indoor plants for the Indian climate as it needs a warm and humid environment for survival. It has air purifying properties and accumulated dust from the air which you can wipe off from time to time.

2. Snake Plant

snake plant best indoor plants

Snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue (how funny!) makes an amazing indoor plant choice for any room. It has sword-like foliage with yellowish cream stripes, making it a great decor piece for indoors. Snake plant requires very little sunlight and water and hence is super easy to maintain. It is known to absorb chemicals and CO2 while also releasing oxygen – best of both worlds!

3. Peace lily

peace lily

A super elegant, aromatic tropical plant with beautiful white hooded lilies and dark green leaves. That’s how I’d like to describe peace lily for you all. The peace lily is quite easy to maintain and can sustain all kinds of temperatures and climate conditions. This plant purifies pollutants from the air, making it one among the air-purifying indoor plants. Keep an eye out for mites and bugs, though!

4. Money Plant

money plant

Money plant is traditionally known to bring prosperity and good luck. Besides, it makes a really great add-on for shelves, windows, and cupboards. It’s almost impossible to kill this plant, as it can withstand temperature and climate changes very well. The heart-shaped leaves and the long vines can brighten up any corner of the house.

5. Areca Palm

areca palm plant

Areca palm is a toxin-filtering, sturdy plant that can easily grow up to 7 feet indoors. It is one of the best indoor plants out there as it requires the least maintenance. Just a bit of indirect sunlight and moist soil keep it lively. Remove the waste leaves from time to time, and you’re all good.

6. Anthurium

anthurium indoor plant

This one is known to absorb xylene and ammonia from air and has a really appealing look. Anthurium like the other indoor plants mentioned here requires very little maintenance and is best for beginner plant parents. It is a type of lily plant with a variety of colors in flowers. The flowers have a unique veined design on them, adding up to the beauty of the plant.

7. Boston Fern

boston fern best indoor plants

Also known as fishbone fern due to its cascading fronds with alternating leaves, Boston fern is great for hanging baskets. It can easily brighten up your balcony or hall while also cleaning up the surrounding air. Make sure you put it in damp but not waterlogged soil and in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

8. Spider Plant

spider plant indoor plant

Spider plant is a beautiful-looking plant with a dense cluster of leaves curving downwards. This plant requires least to zero maintenance, so if you are a newbie, just go ahead with this one. The plant’s long and slender leaves are what make it uniquely appealing. It also improves the quality of air indoors. That’s an added bonus!

9. Aloe vera

aloe vera

The last one is the very famous plant with medicinal properties – aloe vera. Besides for visual purposes, you can use it for treating skin, hair, and some health issues as well. It has gel-filled thick foliage and has air-purifying as well as Ayurveda properties.  Just make sure to water when the soil gets dry. That’s all it needs for maintenance.

Indoor plants do not ask for too much time or effort. Just make sure to keep checking on them occasionally and discard the dead foliage. These are the best indoor plants that you can get started with, and you can easily find them in nurseries and online stores. Let us know in the comments which ones do you have or want at your place. Stay tuned for more such information!

Love and light xx 

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