Shakti Nova NFT – Who we are? and our roadmap!

Today I want to share, one of my major and favourite project I am working right now. This is one of the most unique project in the crypto ecosystem. “Shaktinova”.

The birth of Shaktinova happened in 2019 when I first dreamed of gathering all like-minded people together, who love Yoga, meditation and who need healing in their daily life. And also for those who want to spread their wisdom and share their experiences with the world.

My plan was to make the worldwide community of conscious people, who want to walk the path less traveled. And want to grow and heal together in this Earthly life as an awakening being.

Since the same year COVID happened, so this Goal was remained a goal only, for almost 1 year.

6 Months back in August 2020, When I learned about cryptocurrencies and NFTs, I and my partner Gaurav thought, this is the perfect time and the perfect way to take the first step towards our Goal.

And In August 2020, Shaktinova NFTs of the community Shaktinova came into the light.

Before moving further on this topic, let’s understand first Crypto, Solana, and Bitcoin.

Crypto, Solana, Bitcoin – Basic guide for the Beginners

The most popular ‘C’ word of the decade after Covid, of course, has to be Crypto! You must have heard a lot of people talking about it. You must have talked about it too with someone even if you have zero interest in it, at least because of peer pressure. Haven’t you?

Let me tell you, it’s okay to be a complete alien about certain topics. It is a new concept we are introduced to so it is okay to take as much time to understand it. Let me also help you with it.

Scroll down to find a basic beginner’s guide to crypto, Solana, bitcoins, etc. Just keep reading with a thorough mind and you will understand it. It’s not rocket science.

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Crypto – Let’s Decode It

Crypto or cryptocurrency is nothing but digital cash or digital money or digital currency. This virtual currency can be used to buy goods and services. It is real money that you can make payments through. The entire transaction of using this digital cash is online. For maintaining online transactions, the cryptocurrency uses an online ledger. Strong cryptography secures it. It uses encryption techniques to verify the transaction of the funds and to control the creation of monetary units.

This digital money is based on a network that is distributed across numerous computers. Any central authority or government has no control over the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The central authority does not issue it & hence there is no government manipulation.

The cryptocurrency work on high risk and high returns funds. However, it is believed to be riskier than stock markets but also has higher returns. They are bought to make profits when the market goes skyrocket.

Ending it by saying, you can use crypto to buy goods and services or to trade them for profit when their prices rise to make more money.

Shakti Nova
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Words about Bitcoin

The best-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It is the cryptocurrency for which blockchain technology was invented. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, is operated by a decentralized authority. Bitcoin was created in 2009 that works on peer-to-peer technology or the peer-to-peer bitcoin network to facilitate instant payments.

There is no requirement for intermediaries in this process. The bitcoin owner can handle the transactions themselves. All the bitcoin transactions are done in the blockchain ledger. It holds all the bitcoin transactions. All the transaction copies are held on all of their worldwide decentralized servers. No bank, government, or central authority has any control over these and they rely on cryptography techniques or the peer to peer software.

Bitcoins are digital money that you can send to anyone in their digital wallets.

What is Solana?

Solana is a programmable or high-performance blockchain. It is a public blockchain platform for decentralized apps. Solana is unique and different from Bitcoin and others in terms of speed. Solana has an extremely high transaction speed that can execute 50,000 transactions per second in comparison to Bitcoin that can only process a maximum of 15 transactions per second.

This one is a proof of stake blockchain that is more eco-friendly than bitcoin which is a proof of work blockchain. Solana works on the “proof of history” mechanism. The internal cryptocurrency of Solana is SOL. SOL is used to pay the transaction fee and the staking fee.

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What is NFT?

Some digital assets are described as tokens. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are both types of cryptographically secured digital assets, sometimes known as crypto-assets. These tokens have different characteristics from cryptocurrencies and from each other.

Tokens can be fungibles (one token being more or less replaceable by another) or nonfungibles (where each token represents something unique). These non-fungible tokens are known as NFT. 

NFT is different from cryptocurrency but they work on the same blockchain technology. The creation and usage of both these NFTs and cryptocurrencies are both for different purposes.

NFT is data that gets stored in the digital ledger that is unique and non-interchangeable. NFTs can be anything in the digital format. It can be digital photos, audio, or any unique digital file. It gives them ownership of the work.

You can call NFTs one of kind assets. You cannot interchange them with any assets. The NFTs can be bought or sold but they don’t have a tangible form. The original Monalisa painting can be called the NFT. There could be several pictures taken of Monalisa but those are not NFT. The original painting is!

Picture Courtesy – The Economic Times

Now you got all these points, let’s move to our unique “Shaktinova NFT”

What is ShaktiNova NFTs –

Shaktinova NFTs is a NFT collection on Solana. It is a collection with a long-term value road map. The Solana or Ethereum community has never seen something of this sort.

When did it start?

In August 2021, we started creating our unique Shaktinova Goddesses/ Shaktinova NFTs. These Shaktinova NFTs are unique in many ways from other NFTs. We created this NFT with a lot of love and reiki energy. I am sure, each Shaktinova NFT is going to choose their unique magical being, and guide him/her on their path.

Everything you need to know about Shakti Nova

Launch Date – We’re a strong believer in the Solana ecosystem hence launching on Solana on 11th November.

Number of Shaktis to Exist – There would be only 7,777 Shakti NFT.

Master Mind of Shakti Nova – Kajal Mishra, a Yogini from Varanasi, India, who currently lives in New York as a yoga instructor, and Gaurav Mishra a techie mind are behind this NFT.

I, Kajal Mishra guide people on their healing journey through yoga, meditation, and energy healing practice. Before getting into this, I was a national television actor, an award-winning fashion blogger, and a banker. I have experienced the best of both worlds and am now in the world of Crypto.

You can follow me at Instagram, @Kajalmishraofficial

Shakti Nova Minting Price – The Price of each Shakti Nova is minted for .33 SOL.

Desired Marketplace for Listing after Launch – Shakti NFT’s would be launching their own marketplace and would reach out to other marketplaces as well.


Why should I mint Shakti Nova NFT/Benefits of Shakti Nova NFTs?

Below are the reasons why you must mint in Shakti Nova NFTs.

#Reason 1 – Each Shakti NFT holder will get  $SHAKTI coins gradually during the six months post-launch. $SHAKTI coin has it’s own utility in our meditation app that we’re launching. Join our discord channels for more information

#Reason 2 – Each Shakti NFT would give the holder lifelong access to my monthly meditation classes (on every Full moon and New-moon). There’s no end to these classes. This is a true life-long benefit as long as you hold the NFT’s

#Reason 3 – I have written a very special book based on my journey called ‘Rooted in Consciousness’ and each public sale NFT minter will get a free paperback copy of it. The price of the book is 9.99 USD. The book talks about my journey of consciousness which I feel we all need to adopt for our wellbeing that we might be ignoring.

#Reason 4 – The Nanhi Kali foundation of India will get the 25% of the sale and post-sales royalty All NFT holders would be able to see the progress of the girls we’re sponsoring through ShaktiNova NFT sales.

#Reason 5 – We’ll create a ShaktiDao after the sale, which would receive the proceeds from the royalty sale. Dao would also launch a Shakti coin which we would use for governance and deciding the future of the ShaktiNova community.

#Reason 6 – Starting November 2022 every year, we will organize a Shakti Fest in Goa, India, or New York, USA. We would give discounted or free tickets of the event to every Shakti NFT holder. But, the condition is if the community took steam and only if ShaktiDao had enough money to give free tickets.

#Reason 7 – Become part of building the first Web3 alternative health meditation app.

We’re building a meditation app, which will rival likes of Calm and Headspace. This is built on Web3 with the community owning the content and earning! Here’s how it will work.

  • Community members would upload their meditation routines, for example, New Moon Meditation.
  • For every play of the meditation routine, the creator will earn money via a $SHAKTI coin. $SHAKTI coin value would be derived from the revenue of the app.
  • For users, they’d pay for the app like they normally do example calm or headspace, They’d not see any difference at all. All revenue made by the app would be shared back to the community via the $SHAKTI coin.
  • Imagine Calm is right now valued at $2 billion USD and will make more than 150+ million in next year. With an app that rivals the quality of Calm, fueled by the community will be hard to beat for Calm and Mindspace. The global alternative health (meditation, yoga, yin/yang) is about $300 billion. Imagine how much we can grow.


I hope I was able to answer most of your questions related to this complex topic. I tried to explain the basics of these in a very simple language so that all my reader friends would understand it. My motto was to break the complexity around these topics in the simplest way possible for you all. Let me know in the comments if you still have any queries about it or if you want more blogs on this topic. I would be glad to help you all.



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