How to make dreadlocks!

Dreadlocks are one of those hairstyles that have been there for decades and will continue to be there for decades. The main cause is that dreads are simple and versatile both in the way they look and the way of their maintenance. Dreads have histories and stories that are related to Greek, Buddhist, Aztec, Rastafari cultures. However, many generally consider them to be part of African culture now. Besides the fact that dreads are stereotyped and assumed to be unhealthy which is absolutely false, people are loving it more with time. Here we are letting you know everything you should about dreadlocks and their maintenance. Check it out!

What actually are dreadlocks?

They are rope like clumps of stranded hair that form naturally or artificially when hair tangle or mat together. The natural procedure requires years and years for the dreads to mature. You can do this by forgoing combing and cutting hair. Artificial ways of doing it are by using wax and other chemicals which is not very suggestible for hair and scalp health. Other natural ways that take less time are twisting, braiding and dread braiding methods.

How to make dreadlocks?

Preparation part:

You should get to the preparation part a month prior to the day or week you wish to get your dreads done.

Here are a few things you should do as a part of the preparation for dreads:

  • Stop conditioning your hair 1-2 months before getting your locks. Conditioners soften the hair follicles and make the tangling process slower which is not desirable for us.
  • Do not get tempted for shampoos that voluminize your hair or make it smooth and shiny.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo to remove off any crap, dust or residue that is settled in your hair or scalp. This is a must before you start the locking process.
  • Diet also plays a major role here. Eat lots of foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids that improve hair health. Weak hair cannot withstand the dreads. So, make sure your hair is healthy before starting the process.

How to get them done naturally?

  • Start off with washing off your hair thoroughly with a residue free shampoo
  • Dry it or blow dry it completely and make sure that there is no moisture left.
  • Take a comb and separate your hair into 1 inch square sections( less or more according to your own preference) and hold them in place with a rubber band or any hooks or pins.
  • Take one section at a time, take off the band and start backcombing the hair by pulling the hair straight perpendicular to the scalp and backcombing to the roots at the scalp.
  • Repeat the process until backcombing is done all way along each section of hair except the dead end.
  • Now start twisting it gently holding the tip of the section and palm roll it starting with the tip and working all through the length.
  • You can also braid the section by dividing it into three parts according to your choice.
  • After reaching the end hold the tip securely with a rubber band or pins. To keep the rest of the dreads secure you can use dread hooks and accessories that adorn the dreads as well besides keeping them secure.
  • If there is any hair left unlocked tuck it into any of the dreads nearby.


If you want to get your dreads to be done more uniform and faster, wax can be used while palm rolling your locks. Nonetheless, the wax is not so good for hair or scalp health hence we encourage natural process without the use of any chemicals.

Care and maintenance:

Getting dreads done is just 30% of the game. Maintaining them is the actual deal. It is not a tough job though. Some simple tips and habits help you maintain your dreads to keep them healthy, taut and dirt-free. Here are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Do not wash your dreads immediately after getting them done. Abandon them for a minimum of 2 weeks through 4 weeks can be ideal.
  • Do not cut the length of your dreads at least for 6-12 months after getting your locks done. This may unravel them and the whole process gets in vain.
  • Whenever you wash your locks, make sure you dry them thoroughly. If moisture is left in the locks, it may actually stink. Blow drying is an easy technique to dry your locks completely.
  • Do not forget to palm roll your locks once you dry them completely. This helps prevent them from unraveling and makes them stronger.
  • When the dreads get taut, they may cause some discomfort which you can overcome by gently massaging your scalp regularly. Massaging improves blood circulation as well.
  • Tie a scarf around your head while sleeping. This prevents the locks from secluding away and also reduces the tension that often leads to pain in the scalp.

Products to use:

Do not go for too many products that may actually end up countering the effects of each other. Use very limited and preferably natural/herbal products and work few at a time on your dreads.

  • Make sure you use a shampoo that is free from any residues and that is specifically designed for dreads.
  • Salt water spray is the best for improving locking of dreads especially if your dreads are not mature yet.
  • To prevent itching of the scalp, peppermint oil works the best.
  • If there is the formation of any dandruff or dirt, use tea tree oil. It works great.

Styling dreadlocks:

Dreads can be styled in multiple ways and with much fewer efforts. You can leave them free or put them into a pony or maybe a bun. Trust me, anything will work. You can get partial dreads instead of total dreads which I consider is more fashionable and easy for beginners. You can get your hair highlighted or colored according to your choice. Keep them the way you want them to be. Just do not forget to slay anyway!

Pros and cons:

There are no major cons if you make sure you keep your dreads neat and dirt free. This is the only thing to be taken care of. Do not believe in the stereotypes that say dreadlocks stink. It is actually not true. And there is another misconception that dreads cannot be washed. Absolutely wrong. You can wash your dreads once in every two weeks. There is no issue at all.

Coming to the pros, where do I start with? They save tons of time, money and make your hair healthier than ever. Besides everything, they are super cool and versatile!

We hope you found the post useful. Share with us in the comments section any more products or tips you know to keep the dreads healthy and beautiful.

Believe in yourself. Go for it and slay the style like a Goddess.

Love <3

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