4 Lessons I’ve Learnt From The Book “The Universe Has Your Back”

the universe has your back

“The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein is a perfect book for learning the power of the universe. I stumbled upon this book when I was randomly browsing amazon looking for books in the spirituality category.

I’m quite new to this genre so I wasn’t entirely sure of the book. But, the title of the book and the caption “Transform Fear to Faith” were both too intriguing and reassuring for a beginner like me to not give in. So I went ahead, read the book reviews, did some research on the author and her works.

Turns out, Gabrielle Bernstein is one of the top authors in this category. She’s a speaker, spiritual guru, and New York Times Bestseller Author. She also hosts a podcast series ‘Dear Gabby’ where she talks about spirituality. Anyone would be flattered with this bio of hers and so was I. That was it! I made the purchase and trust me, it’s one of the most engaging books I’ve ever read.

The Universe Has Your Back: Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein has written the book in very simple language without unnecessary jargon making it easier for anyone to read and understand. The book consists of 12 chapters that cover several important universal lessons clubbed with the author’s real-time experiences. I’d highly recommend the book for anyone who’s going through major changes in life.

In the change phase, it’s normal for you to feel overwhelmed and to constantly doubt your own decisions. This book is all about how you can seek the help from universe and let go of your fears while making life decisions.

4 Universal Lessons From “The Universe Has Your Back”

The idea of seeking help from the universe may sound bizarre for some. But, trust me, once you start believing that there’s a power above you that’s guiding you, you’ll feel a lot better.

This book can be a great beginning for someone who’s just about to step into spirituality and you’ll see why. In this article I’d love to share with you, 6 lessons I’ve learned from the book “The universe has your back”.

1. Acknowledge the resistance and set yourself free from it 

let go

The very first lesson from the book “The Universe Has Your Back” goes like this –

“To be free we must acknowledge our resistance”.

In this part, Gabby mentions an unpopular but interesting fact that the primary reason for staying unhappy is that ‘we are resistant to being happy’. It does sound relatable, doesn’t it? We are conditioned to believe that suffering is our default. This is why whenever you practice a habit or make a decision that brings you positivity and sets you free, you feel a lot of resistance.

And despite how well you’re pursuing it, you may easily fall back into loops of negative self-talk. The reason for this is ‘fear’. The fear within you causes resistance that tries to pull you back. The more you seek light, the more resistance you feel from the darkness within you.

To overcome the resistance, you need to acknowledge it in the first place. You cannot treat a disease without diagnosing where the issue is, can you? In a similar fashion, observe and acknowledge what’s causing the resistance and release it. It is okay if you have done things wrong in the past. We all make mistakes. The moment you embrace your fears, you’ll find multiple ways to move forward and set yourselves free.

2. Surrender to the Universe

Gabby mentions in multiple chapters of the book that we must learn to surrender to the universe after setting a goal. You should let the universe take charge of the situation and learn to trust it. This in turn helps you in releasing pressure.

When you believe that there’s a power above you guiding your journey, you feel safe and protected. Set your intentions right and get out of the way. Just know that the universe has your back!

3. Open Up For Receiving What You Want


When you are working on your desires, it’s very important that you open up to receiving guidance and possibilities. Once you set an intention, you should stop worrying about all the reasons it wouldn’t work out.

How you see is your reality. If you see your situation with fear, you’ll block your way to your own desires. Instead, if you perceive them with love and faith, the universe will guide you in ways you can never imagine.

In the second lesson of the book, gabby mentions her personal story that explains this lesson clearly. She describes how she could never get an appointment with a particular Doctor for so long when she had perceived her body as unfit for pregnancy.

She continues the story explaining how it all changed once she set her intention and changed her perceptions of her body – she coincidentally got that appointment through a friend.

The lesson to learn here is-

“The universe will always conspire to lead you toward solutions of the highest good when you open up to receive them.”

4. Ask For Your Sign

This is my favorite lesson from the book, mostly cause I’ve had a first-hand and ongoing experience of it in my life. As mentioned previously, the universe works in mysterious ways to communicate with you and guide you. Signs are one of the most common ways of communicating.

You must have heard of people seeing random symbols, things, number patterns regularly for no reason. Actually, it doesn’t happen without a reason. It is the universe trying to interact with you. If you don’t have a sign, you can ask for one.

I know how absurd this sounds. But trust me, signs make it a lot easier and better when you have trouble making decisions. A sign can be anything – a number pattern, a bird or animal, a symbol,.. anything. Do not try too hard. Just believe in what comes to your mind when you read this – that’s your sign.

I have a two-digit number as my sign that I randomly constantly see on regular basis. I was pretty intrigued in the beginning and did my research.

It was a relief to find out that it wasn’t something spooky but is actually good. In fact, the repeated pattern is the only reason I started believing in and learning spirituality. Now, whenever I experience panic or anxiety in any situation, I try to find the number. When I see it, I feel safe, guided, and supported.

If you are going through the phase of self-doubt and having trouble trusting your decisions, you must get your hands on this book. It’s life-changing. I have had a total perspective shift in the way I see things after reading “The universe has your back”. I highly recommend it for beginners. If you give it a read, let us know your favorite lessons in the comment section below. Happy reading!

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