Feminine soul awakening journey : Shakti Fest

“Take on Today like a Goddess.”

Last month, when I saw the post of “Shakti Fest” on Facebook, I had no clue that this Fest will change my perception towards life so much. I truly was totally unaware of such spiritual fests that happen in India. And I am not alone, after seeing my pictures on Facebook and Instagram, I am regularly getting messages, calls from followers/friends asking me lots of questions about the fest. Everybody said that they loved the vibe of all those Shakti Fest pictures and felt they’re Divine, and they were unable to stop themselves in asking these questions.

And some of my friends suggested me to write an article so that all the beautiful Goddesses around us know the value of themselves. And here I am.

Shakti Fest is a Divine Feminine soul awakening Retreat program for women. In India, this happened first time at Arambol, Goa under the Guidance of our beautiful Goddess, Archana Sufiana ( She is not less than an Angel for me in my life).

Archana in Trance state during Shakti Fest

This was a 5-day program, inviting the Wild wise Woman, the High Priestess, Yogini, the Sacred Witch, and all the colors of Shakti ready to emerge through YOU.

In 5 days of the program, we had workshops on Goddess spirituality,  Feminine Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Sensuality, Cacao ceremony, Family constellation, Shamanic awakening, Sound healing, Bollywood Dance, Belly Dance, Creative Self-expressions, Rituals, Open mics and much much more.

I learned Mystics Dance movements, Tantra and sensuality. I learned the importance of Yoga Asanas and meditation in our daily life, self-healing method and Chakra healing etc.

Goddesses sharing the love with each other

These terms would look so simple while you read them, but the divine experience which I got from this Fest, is something that I can’t translate in words. Still, I am trying to Jot down some points which I have learned, which can help my lovelies Divas, to understand the Divinity of this Shakti Fest, and Why we should do it on regular basis.

In this busy life, we try to give happiness and love to everyone except ourselves. We, women, try to make our husband happy, try to make our children happy etc And knowingly or unknowingly we forget to love ourselves. Even for our beauty, we want validation and appreciation from others. Most importantly we slowly forget how to love ourselves.

What is self-love and why is it important?  – “Self-love is when you care and accept your light as well as dark side, without any judgment of others, without any validation from others.” If I give my example – Whenever I am getting ready for any function or party, I ask my husband, am I looking beautiful or not? But the truth is I am beautiful always, I have to feel it by heart without my Husband opinion. And while above example is on the look, you can pretty much apply in your daily job, household work, office job etc easily.

Dear Sister, always remember you are Goddess.

The most important part of self-love is you have to love yourself not only consciously, but subconsciously also. If I am telling everyone, I love myself but inside subconsciously I am not happy with myself or I am cursing or feeling guilty, then I would never be happy. In self-love, first thing is to be truthful to yourself.

Why self-empowerment is important – If you will not encourage yourself then how can you trust other people will do it for you. If I ask you a question- “How many people are there in your life on whom you can trust blindly?” I am sure, the maximum answer (honest) will be 1 or 2 (parents excluded).

You have to know your self-worth, you have to empower yourself daily, you have to grow towards your dream every moment.

Do you know my lovelies, we women are so powerful within, the problem is that we forgot our power and there is no one around us who can make us believe in ourselves. But Angels like Archana Sufiana is trying her best to spread this knowledge, trying to make us believe in our Feminine power, our Feminine wisdom. Look around find your angel, and I am sure you all will find your GodMother when you start believing in your Feminine power. And whoever is reading this I and Arachana are always available for you and welcome you to join our women circle.

Me, and my beautiful sisters Archana & Andreea

Our relationship with our body- Our relationship with our body is one of the most important relationships on Earth. When you start appreciating yourself, you will be the Divinity within you. You will start understanding How Blessed you are to be born in a feminine body. Once the relationship with your body will be strong, you’ll realize other relationships are already in flow. You will feel happiness, love, and peace in every relationship.

What is the feminine path of awakening – To be honest, I can keep on harping about how powerful we are,  how we’ve to harness our feminine energy. But to awaken your Feminine energy, you have to prepare your mind, you have to prepare your body, to go deeper and deeper to know your power, to awaken our Feminine power. Once you’re ready, your Angel would find you.

The most important thing which I learned from Shakti Fest is to express your emotional feelings, happiness as well as sadness. If you want to laugh, laugh it hard, if you want to cry, cry it hard. Just let go of everything, every feeling. When you will be able to let go of all your feeling, you will be in a divine state, you will feel peace and calm inside as well as outside.

I always wonder why in our society people want to learn spirituality and meditation in the last stage of your life. In fact, we have to learn these things from our childhood; How to deal with the relationship, How to love yourself, Why meditation is important for our daily life. Relationships are such a huge part of your life and almost nothing is taught to us on that. When we are stuck in our life situations, no Chemistry or Physics formula will be able to solve those problems.  Right?

My beautiful Goddess, Archana is conducting lots of these kinds of events in Goa, if you really want to awaken your feminine power, you want to feel your Goddess power, I will suggest you, plan your trip to Arambol and go for any of her courses. Links are shared below:



To book your seat, comment here or you can DM on facebook profile  ArchanaSufiana  Kajal Mishra

Pictures by My beautiful Goddess Andreea ( Gypsee Adventures)

Love you all of my lovelies, Let’s join this Fest and spread happiness and Love all around the world.

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    Madhu Katta

    Woah!This is truly amazing❤️❤️

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      Kajal Mishra

      <3 Love.

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    This is really awesome … Love you girl.. you girls are rocking you Really did it this is really eveyopener.

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