7 indoor plants for healthy body and healthy mind!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Keeping flowers or plants of some sort inside your house doesn’t only improves the aesthetic of your house but they also have excellent health benefits. In today’s world, even the air in your home carries pollutants. These unhealthy invisible toxins can be eliminated easily by the show plants given below.  All the research on these beneficial houseplants has been done by NASA scientists while they were researching ways to create suitable space station habitats.

Let’s have a look at the 7 most useful indoors plants.

1- Aloe vera plant

Benefits: Natural Healers

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Apart from looking elegant this plant act as a natural healer over burns on the skin.  The gel inside an aloe plant can help heal cuts and is also very effective at soothing burns, including sunburn. The leaves of this super plant can also help to alleviate asthma symptoms by boiling the leaves in water and breathing in the vapor. Apart from that, it is also known to remove formaldehyde from the air and keeps the air clean. Read more about Aloe Vera benefits here.

2-Rubber plant

Benefits: Fresh air

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They are popular ornamental plants with leathery, glossy oval-shaped leaves. This plant cleans the air by emitting high oxygen content and purifies indoor air by removing toxin chemicals, such as formaldehyde. These toxins are released into the air from your furniture and flooring, as well as common household items such as air fresheners, hair products, and nail polish.

3- Areca palm

 Benefits: Natural humidifiers

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This plant is best for winter months as it releases about 10 percent of the moisture in the air we breathe in our home.  Also known as the butterfly or golden cane palm makes your home particularly welcoming during dry winter months. On the other hand plants like cacti and succulents needs to be avoided during winters as it retains water and therefore releases very little water into the air.

4- kaffir lime tree

 Benefits: Natural scents

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Artificial room freshers have a strong smell and generally stays for a short span. Try this natural room fresher to fill your home with a wonderful fresh smell. This natural and chemical-free way will surely give your home a sweet welcoming feel.

5- African violets

Benefits: Improve your mental health

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Nothing will cheer you up like the gift of a plant or colorful flowers. It has been found in a study that hospital patients who have flowers or plants in their room, or who look out onto a garden from their room, often recover more quickly than those who have no plants around them. African Violet plants help to increase our levels of positivity resulting in making us feel more secure and relaxed. This plant is easy-to-care and blooms all year round with little effort.

6- Snake plant

Benefits: Breath easy

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This plant absorbs toxins, such as nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde from the atmosphere as found by NASA. Also, it is one of only a few plants that release oxygen into the air at night, making it the perfect plant to have in your bedroom as you sleep. It is easy to grow and doesn’t require regular watering. It has stiff upright leaves and makes a great statement in any room.

7- Lavender

Benefits: Restful sleep

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Today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t give us enough time to have a complete seven to eight hours’ sleep. Studies have shown that the vapor from some plants, specifically lavender and jasmine can lead to a more restful sleep. Try keeping a lavender or jasmine plant by your bed. We are sure the smell from these plants will induce a state of tranquility that will help you prepare for a good night’s sleep.

We hope you will try out these indoor plants at you home soon.  Share your experience with us and subscribe India Fashion Blogger for more interesting articles. 🙂

Happy World environment day to all of you.

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