Festival De Cannes: Red Carpet Best Dressed Recap

Cannes Film Festival is one of the most awaited film festivals for the world and also for us Indians because our very own Bollywood divas grace the red carpet of the event with their best styles that probably they save for this event. Festival De Cannes is more about outfits, fashion, and style. Period! Yes, it is a film festival but the red carpet appearances of the celebs kind of overshadow the entire vibe of the event. But, it is it, and we tend to enjoy the event. Cannes 2019 was quite entertaining with some fabulous and some totally drastic looks. Scroll down to see what we felt about the Festival De Cannes 2019 or rather the looks the celebs flaunted at the Festival De Cannes 2019.

1. You Can(ne) do it Aish

Aishwarya is an old-bie at the red carpet of the Cannes film festival and we really know that she can do it. She has done some amazing looks for the show in the past be it the blue Cinderella gown, red ruffled gown, golden tube gown etc. But, this year, she disappointed us with one bad look at a time.

Somehow, the golden gown did not work because of crisp silhouettes, sharp cuts, and unflattering trail.

This look was a bit saviour but the feathers and the fur quite made us remember some fairy which we are sure that was not Aish’s stylist aim.


Her day looks at the Festival De Cannes 2019 weren’t as pleasing as before as well but she experimented and let us just brace her for that.


This red tube dress was a bit better than the rest of the looks but it is so common that we don’t have anything to say good about it too.


2. Bowing to Deepika this time

Well, well, well, Deepika is addicted to getting mixed reactions on her red carpet looks for most of the big or small events, and Deepika somehow manages to keep that habit going on again. Cannes 2019 was a hit fashion event for Deepika despite small backlashes that she must have got.

We agree that the gown is extravagant and a total statement. We loved it, hand down! But, that turban bow/headband stole the attention from such a lavish gown. We could not gulp it as easy, but full points to Deepika for her guts (which we highly assume is transferred from her energetic and all-time statement looking husband).



Definitely, the hairstyle and eye makeup are crisp to move your eyes from, but you would want to move your eyes to that huge AF bow. This was a fantastic look from top to toe along with that extra puffed sleeves. Yayy, Deepika!



Talking about the off the red carpet looks at Cannes 2019, Deepika slayed them all with this all-white look and the pantsuit. I am in totally crushing over this all-white look where she has paired a white sheer top with a white pant and those statement sunnies. Her striped pantsuit is also quite amazing and we love Deepika like this.




Deepika, my favourite look has to be this one for that black tulle gown and also for that eye-catchy neon sunglass. Deepika is looking so sexy and so herself in this one. I wanna steal that dress and never give back.



She is hot and she knows it. It is just her stylists need to know it accurately all the time.

3. WC (Welcome) Peecee

Peecee is a regular name for the major guests at Met Gala and Oscars but she made her debut at Festival De Cannes 2019 with her life candy, her husband. Peecee has set some seriously high standards for herself and when she shows up like this, we are quite upset. Her looks were good but not up to Peecee’s mark. However, we enjoyed Nickyanka’s PDA.


We don’t have words for this look because it is so much repeated over the years!


Yas, queen! We could see some element of our Desi girl in this look and we are happy about it.


Did we say Nickyanka’s PDAs are gorgeous? Okay, sorry! We did not mean it. Their PDAs aren’t gorgeous but heavenly. Couple goals, you guys! Also, loving this turquoise dress with that hat, a little too much though!


4. Time to talk about the Goddess, now

Okay, so brace yourselves for some of the best looks from the Cannes 2019 festival by our Indian celeb. Those looks are by none other than the very stylish or rather than the style God, Sonam Kapoor herself. The Kapoor sisters duo are killing it this year as well.


Starting with my most favourite look of Sonam at Cannes 2019 event which is this red flared – ruffled mesh dress! This look is such a breath of fresh air amidst so much of fashion pollution all over.


This yellow midi dress is again such a feminine outfit with that ruffled neckline. I love her hairdo man!


Everyone, like literally, everyone has done pantsuits in different ways but have you seen someone doing it like Sonam has done it. Oh my god, just look at that trail and that deep neckline. Do not, we tell you do not miss that ethnic neckpiece as well. Ralph and Russo’s custom made gown was a legit hit.


Go retro like Sonam or go home. Because anywhere in between is just tacky or not perfect!


5. Where you from, Diana

Yes, we meant from Earth or some other planet! Because you nailed all the looks at Festival De Cannes 2019 to the T! We would love to see more of Diana on the big screen and until that we are quite happy seeing her on our phone’s screen at Cannes this time. She has given some major outfit goals this time and we are simply crushing on her.

Just wanna say that your highlighter is as lit as your outfit!


It is the season of big bows and we are not complaining at all. Just add a statement bow to any gown or outfit and that outfit goes from 0 to 100 within no time. Diana looks super cute in this one.


The only look of Diana that we aren’t enough fond of is this one. The feathered gown is kind of overseen and that is what we have complains about. Also, the hair and makeup are not that flattering. But, nonetheless, the outfit compliments Diana’s body perfectly. What do you say?


Keeping the best one for the last and totally not able to move our eyes anywhere else from this look of Diana! What a beautiful gown and what a beautiful way to carry it. She says go big or go home and we totally agree with it. What a stunning woman is she looking here! Full marks to her hair stylist and her makeup artist for creating this! Lovestruck!


6. What were you thinking, Robbie?

This is what we and all others want to ask Margot Robbie and her stylists for this look. Like, what really were guys thinking when you thought to ditch the gowns for Cannes 2-19 festival. Did you guys really ditch the gown for this top and pant combo? But, why this underrated old school girl look!

7. Ripping it too hard

Yes, damn hard! If you thought that your distressed denim is by far the most ripped denim ever, then you surely haven’t checked out this. The only difference here is that this distressed denim cape is a disaster. That black co-ord with a heavy piece of jewellery and that cape is a sheer case of worse mix and match. Really want to know the stylist’s purpose for creating this look.

Marion Cotillard'Matthias and Maxime' premiere, 72nd Cannes Film Festival, France - 22 May 2019 Wearing Balmain

8. Hats and Bows, Hats off and Bowing you

You too are liking our cheesy headlines, aren’t you? Well, Elle Fanning was making her Cannes debut this year and she did her debut look quite right. She took her old school charm all the way up and dressed in a silk organza blouse having a bow detail, black tulle pleated skirt, dainty pumps, and a hat. Her outfit was by Dior and us quite in awe of it. Would definitely want to know what you have to say about it?



9. Nina Dobrev in her element

If you have been a fan of Vampire Diaries series then you surely know Nina Dobrev just like we do. Nina’s outfit was not something not seen over the years but I personally like the vibe of the outfit that is seen here. I am a fan of an all black or an all white look and this one just takes my heart even for the most minimal effort. It is a beautiful tube sequinned thigh-high slit gown by Dior. The best part of the look is the outfit itself and nothing has been experimented here.


10. Sara Sampaio

Talking about the extravagant gown from the Cannes 2019 festival, this one has to be on the list. Yes, Sara’s look is quite talked about for the statement that it is making. It is a yellow tube ballroom gown Georges Hobeika Couture. A lot of people loved her look, but honestly, I didn’t love it as much because there were no efforts shown on the hair and makeup, the jewellery was also quite underrated, and there wasn’t anything statement about this look except that outfit that wasn’t a big turner as well.


11. Watch out for Hina

You can hate her or you can love her, but you can definitely not ignore her. She is Hina Khan, for you guys. To begin with, Hina’s debut at the Festival De Cannes 2019 wasn’t that bad. Her first look where she is wearing a silver embellished gown with a trail, with a plunging neckline, with puffed sleeves, and trail like pattern on the sleeves too wasn’t a fail at all. The only thing that could have been done better was her hair and makeup there.


Her second silver red carpet look was also stunning by all means and we like it. For a debut, it was amazing. In this look, it is just the shoes that is bothering me.


Talking about her daytime looks, I am not a big fan as I feel a lot of things have been done to curate just one look. This lilac dress is the best amongst all of them but styling is poor.


Really not liking the green gown and the entire look as well!


This ‘shades of blue’ outfit is a total mess for that mismatch. It is just too loud with those ruffles, busy prints, hairstyle, footwear, and jewellery. A pair of ripped jeans or a black pair of jeans would have done a sheer better job that those palazzo pants.


That black and gold structured pantsuit isn’t doing wonders at all and the worst part of the look is the matching heels.


12. Last but not the least, here is our debutant homie

It is such a proud moment for all of us as an Indian fashion blogger gets to walk the red carpet at the Festival De Cannes 2019. And that blogger is none other than Masoom Minawala. Masoom was a treat to watch at Cannes festival. Her red carpet look was such a stunner and she posed amazingly for the pictures.


Her first look was obviously my most favourite look. Just look at her, the outfit is hugging her so beautifully and she is looking such a delight. I love this outfit to bits.


Of course, her day looks were equally gorgeous. I am in love with this blue and green ruffled dress which is so basic and so pretty. It goes so well with the background and we are loving her pictures from the French Riviera.


This was also a classic Masoom look that she does most of the time and I am loving this all white and gold look as well. Basics done so so right!



Phew! Quite a lot of looks and quite enough opinion showed as well! What are your opinions and your favourite looks from the Cannes 2019 festival? Tell us in the comments below as we would love to show your side of the story too because you too were waiting for all these looks. Also, kudos to all these women who tried their best to put their best feet forward! There are hits and misses always and let us brace the ones who did not do well this time to nail it the next time.


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