Getting married is one of the most beautiful experiences that women have in the lifetime, but more important than the D Day are the days that come before it, the energy, excitement and enthusiasm mounting and the unparalleled joy of sharing the news and celebrating with one’s best friend. A bridal shower is that one occasion where all the bridesmaids which comprise of the brides’ best friends and family come together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and have a special day, just for the bride to be. A concept that has slowly emerged into the Indian traditional marriage customs, this one of a kind celebration is usually kept as a surprise for the bride and is planned to the last detail. Here are some ideas for bridal showers that you can throw for your best friends who are planning to tie the knot, or if you’re a potential bride yourself, go ahead and throw these hints at your bridesmaids and have a gala day!

Themes are the base of having a perfect bridal shower. While they may be something basic and simple like colours to something personalised like favourite food, having a theme for a bridal shower allows you to incorporate games and fun activities along with the decor, music and food to match. Some interesting bridal shower themes are as follows:



Pyjama Party : A fun girly night in with your favourite pair of pyjamas, lots of popcorn and bites to nibble on, chic flicks, ice-cream and late night gossip sessions, what is not to love about a sleepover with best friends as plans for the wedding are made together. This theme includes favourite colours, music, movies and lots of food. You can have party games like ‘Never Have I Ever,’ ‘Spin The Bottle’ and so much more.


Disco Night : Some 70s hit music to dance out to, glittery disco balls and sparkling lights for the decor, headbands, bellbottoms and sunglasses to dress up with and an open dance floor, disco parties are the best way to let loose after the stress of planning a wedding. All the guests can dress up according to the theme and have a gala time showing off their outfits and having dance offs.

Cocktail Party : An elegant evening with friends over drinks and good food, sampling delicious cakes and desserts and sharing funny stories and anecdotes, a cocktail party is a casual yet fun theme where everyone can let their hair down and have a good time. You can spice the event by including different games and having the guests throw in a little surprise for the bride which can include presents, video montages, DIY polaroid station or anything you like.
Bollywood Night : Send out glittery invitations asking your guests to dress up as their favourite Bollywood celebrities, bring in the glamour factor by putting a red carpet and taking snaps of every guest as they walk in, have awards for all the guests and the bride which includes fun categories, put on popular tracks and you have the night to dance, celebrate and have a fabulous time with the bride.



















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