A complete Hair Brush Guide for your beautiful hair!

We’ve all heard of dressing etiquettes. But, have you ever heard of ‘brushing etiquettes’? Our hair has an intellect of its own, sometimes awkwardly puffing out of braided hair to wilfully lying flat when in a messy bun, leaving us perplexed. This is probably because most of us are always having one or at the most tamers for brushing out your mane. So, if you feel that brushing hair is a no-brainer then all those hairbrush in your nearest beauty store, that are artistically crafted in different shapes and sizes are yelling a big no! After all, who knew that grooming something as generic as your hair could involve such variety? Read through the staple brushes before stacking your closets vanities with meaningless supply!




rat tail comb
Rat tail comb

The tapering end of the rat tail comb is the best bet for sectioning your hair into perfect partitions. This specifically shaped comb can also be used to back comb your hair for giving it a little tease or adding some volume to your hairdo. The rat tail comb can work wonder with every texture of hair and sometimes even adjust your up-dos and pony with minimal mess. Grab some rat tails to give yourself the statement centre part, a deep side part or even the messy zig zags that holds your hair in style.



wide tooth comb
Wide-tooth comb

A wardrobe staple for every hair type! The wide-toothed combs works best for detangling wet hair. Running your after shower hair through a regular brush will weaken your locks from the roots, leading to breakage. Brushing your mane with these wide tooth combs will not only detangle your knots with breakage, but also distributes your conditioner and hair oil evenly through the length of your hair. Most importantly, to all those curly-haired girls out there, never keep this toothed away from you!


tangle teezer
Detangling brush

Unlike the wide toothed comb, a detangling hairbrush is the best buy for effortlessly removing the knots of your ‘dry’ hair. They are the best picks for the long straight lock as well as the beach curls to work through the toughest tangles with minimal damage and breakage!



hair brush
Paddle brush

Often confused with the detanglers, paddle brushes are not to be used on knotted hair! Use them after you run your hair through a wide tooth comb to give it some volume at the base. The synergy of these cushioned bristles and the blow dryer will give you the straight and smoothened hair sans straightener! So, if you’ve hair cascading to any length beyond your shoulders, then the paddle brush is a must-have.



Teasing brush

Aren’t we all envious as to how some of our friends put up ponytails with the perfect volume? Well, it is the magic of no hairspray, but a simple brush. The small and closely knit bristles of a teasing hairbrush are quintessential for achieving some dramatic hairdos. And, if you’ve got pretty short and thin hair; that barely has any room to hold a style, then tease small section of your hair with the teasing brush and get ready to be taken aback by the result!


vented brush
Vent brush


The vent hairbrush is perfect for an imperfect hair style; like your messy hairdos. The ‘vents’ in the brush reduce the blowing time giving your hair the unkempt look. Like every other brush, you must take extreme precaution not to run it through your mane, unless it is nearly dry; your hair must appear dry but feel wet to prevent breakage.


hair brush
Round brush

With or without vents, the round brushes are the ideal companion of the blow dryer! They come in various sizes to achieve almost any style, from the smaller tight curls to the bigger beach waves. A hair held in a round brush against a blow dryer will style your straight hair into cutesy curls.


boar bristles brush
Boar bristled brush

Now, bristles on your hair brushes are mostly natural or synthetic. However, the boar bristle brushes are made of natural wild boar hair that is tightly packed to give it some stiffness and flexibility at the same time. Running your long locks through such bristles will have a massaging effect; that evenly distribute the hair oils, giving it a smooth and shiny look. They are the best picks for achieving the smooth and fuller looking curls!

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