4 Natural ways to get healthy breast!

For years, including 2018, the stench of patriarchal and misogynistic society has overpowered the wisdom of independent choice for the physical appearance of women. Having fuller lips, longer hair, bigger breasts, slimmer waist, fairer skin, longer lashes, deeper tan…

The list goes on and it will never end because there are beauty standards for women by which they shall adhere in order to be accepted. It’s about time that we take a step and enhance our appearance for ourselves.

One of the many parameters of an appealing physique is having bigger, fuller and perkier breasts.

BUT, apart from having some social benefits (I literally went whhhaaaaatttt…), there are biological and evolutionary benefits as well.

“Evolution favours a mother who can take care of her kids, and a well-endowed woman never has to worry about food shortages for newborns. Large breasted women rarely have difficulty making enough breast milk for their baby.”

– Dr. Joan, positivemed.com

Bigger breasts are not only a benefit during motherhood, they’re also a contributor to your overall well-being as a woman. It betters your fertility and no, you don’t need to have bigger boobs because you need guys all over you.

Here are some of the natural ways with which you can get bigger and fuller and healthier breasts.


When it comes to natural methods, essential and carrier oils have played a major role in the history of beauty and healthcare. It’s easy for the skin to absorb the nutrients and benefits from the oils as compared to any other applicant.

There are a two of my favourites which can do the job.

Almond oil can be applied and massaged on your breasts to improve the growth of tissues and cells. Warm the oil before application and watch the wonder.

Olive oil can be a great oil for breast enlargement since it has rejuvenating properties for skin. Start from the outside of the breast and move in a circular motion towards the inner side. This method increases the blood circulation and helps increase the size eventually.

There are other oils such as Soybean seeds as it has the ability to increase the level of estrogen in your chest region and thus, helping your breasts muscles grow.

Clove oil is one of the most effective and quick manners to do the same. It works magic when mixed with ginger extracts.


Your body responds the best when you treat it like a temple. You want taller height? Work on your diet. Slimmer waist? Work on your diet. Longer hair? Work. On. Your. Diet.

I cannot stress it enough. Having a good diet is the cure for almost anything, almost. The foods help improve the hormonal balance and manufacturing and in turn, help in giving you fuller breasts. Here are some of the food items which you can incorporate into your diet.

  • Soy milk and beans


  • Nuts such as cashew, walnuts, peanuts and pecan
  • Milk


  • Papaya


  • Green leafy vegetables


  • Seafood (for example prawns, oysters, shellfish, seaweed etc)


  • Seeds (for example sunflower, anise, pumpkin, or flax seeds)


  • Dandelion roots (in the form of tea)
  • Fenugreek seed extract (capsules or powder)
  • Tofu


  • Red clover (in the form of tea)
  • Fruits (for example berries, apples and plums)


  • Vitamins A, C, D, K and E (consumption of all the suitable varients providing these Vitamins)
  • Chicken (not deep fried)



Engaging in workouts pushes your breasts to grow because the workouts you do helps in strengthening and toning up the pectoral muscles, and the glandular and fat tissue in your breasts. It is important to focus on the muscles around your chest in order to make your workout worth it. Here are 6 of my favourite:

  • Push-ups can be a great help to tone your breast muscles. If you find it too difficult to do it on your toes, kneel while doing it and you’re good to go.

  • Dumb-bell flys are one of my favourite exercises otherwise as well. All you have to do is stretch both your arms out, parallel to the ground while holding the dumb-bell and then the dumbbells should be lifted over you lowering your arms to their place. Appear as if you’re opening a door.
  • Wall push-ups are the easiest and the most fun of the exercises when it comes to toning your breasts. Use the wall as the floor and push your weight against the vertical surface instead of the horizontal.
  • Reverse dumb-bell flys are nothing different but much more challenging since this time, you’re facing the floor.
  • Elevated push-ups are the most difficult but the most resulting in my opinion. In this, your normal push-ups are replaced by your calves being elevated from the ground and your posture being perpendicular to the body streamline. Depending on how much you can take, you can elevate the level.
  • Chest dips are really relaxing if you ask me. They work on your triceps along with chest muscles. You can do it by using any lower surface. Squat down towards the floor with your knees pointed upwards and your arms behind you, bending your elbow. Don’t touch the ground and push yourself again towards the erect position. Repeat the process as many times as you can.

4-Household Chores


As weird and uncanny as it sounds, indulging in household chores which specifically require arm movements can significantly help in boosting your breast size. It is one of the most accommodating methods since you’re getting your work done and your “work” done.

Activities such as cleaning the windows or even scrubbing the walls along with irregular but seldom hanging of fresh curtains or maybe even painting a room can do the needful and you get your house sparkling clean.

Try lifting heavy books if your house is clean and sparkling and tell me how the hell do you that?

Alright, ladies, these are some of my personally opted methods which show significant results with consistent and regular implementation. So yeah, go ahead and feel good about yourself, for yourself and not because you want to be appreciated and promoted because of having a cleavage.

Let me know what method do you find the best in the comments.

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