7 Latestest and Suave Airport Looks of the B-Town Divas

Airport fashion has been a major thing lately. The B-town celebs have taken this airport fashion seriously and hardly there are celebs seen in a non-fashionable way at the airports. Yes, the fashion may be tacky, ugly, gorgeous or fantastic, but there is fashion everywhere every day at the airport. The celebs do it all in an organized way with their stylists working hard on their airport looks. On that note, here are some of the recent airport looks of the celebs on which we are crushing.

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1. Basic Athleisure Look

Shraddha is just like us while traveling. No one wants the fuss of uncomfortable clothes while traveling. Shraddha wears pink athleisure pants with a basic white tee and baby pink sneakers. She keeps it fashionable with a pink tote and black sunglasses. Even if she is so less the colour selection makes it a good styling choice.


2. Monochrome, Anyone?

Alia is the undisputed queen of airport looks and we cannot lie. She has given some of the best airport fashion and here is one of the recent one. An oversized printed hoodie with a black knee cut pant makes for such a cute airport outfit. This outfit is all about fashion plus comfort. Black ankle straps and black sunglasses make for a cute overall look.


3. The Total Casual Look

Disha’s fashion sense is always carefree and not loud at all. It is always minimalistic and not at all OTT. In this look also, Disha is wearing a simple and a regular blue Adidas track pant with a casual white tee. She being she, wraps a track jacket around her waist and keeps it super simple with white sneakers.


4. Going Low and Subtle

Deepika also never goes wrong with the airport style. This is one of my favourite latest airport fashion looks. I love how she has styled a simple white tee with a beige formal pant. White sneakers and the black round sunglasses make this whole look a bit dramatic and suave.


5. Another Power Basic

So, you must have understood by now that even the celebs go for the comfy outfits for their travel looks but they just make it properly put up. It is just the styling that makes simple outfits turn amazing. Pooja Hegde chooses for a white quoted tee with black jeggings. Her red shoes, tote bag with the oversized denim jacket make for the best statement pieces.


6. Comfy and Hot as Hell

It is super tough to roll eyes from Deepika Padukone in this look. She goes for a khakee tee with comfy pants from Bhane Love. The colour coordination of the outfits looks amazing here. That additional black leather jacket matched perfectly with the black sneakers is taking our heart. That tote bag and those sunglasses are too cute to ignore.


7. Comfy in Some Style

This look of Bipasha Basu is also one of the latest fabulous airport looks. The pairing of the blue wide-legged pants with a grey melange top is too comfy and perfect for the travel. Though her outfits look a bit mismatched with the accessories and footwear, yet this look of hers is comfy and stylish, but separately. It could have been put up together in a better way though.



These were some of the latest airport looks which caught our eye and our attention. All these airport looks were quite different from each other and we are crushing on them all. Tell us in the comments below and tell us which of these airport looks are your favourite.

Featured Image: The Indian Express

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