Day 4 of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19

The four days of fashion of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19 ends on Day 4 on 13th October 2018 on Saturday. This season has been amazing because of various reasons one being their unique concept this time which is the spectrum of hues comprising of monochromes. The showcasing of fashion in this theme is something going to be quite unique. In this blog post, here we are stating the schedule of Day 4 of this fashion event.

Check out the extravaganza of the arts on the finale show of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19.

First Show – 12.00 pm – FDCI and ELLE Introduce the First Cut Designers of 2018

So, the first show of the event is the design showcasing of the first cut designers. This will take place at the MSA 2. This one is a much-awaited show and honestly, we are looking forward to this one. Seeing the designers presented by ELLE is going to be one hell of an experience. They will feature some of the youngest freshest talents of the fashion industry in this show.


Second Show – 2.00 pm – Show by the designers Amita Gupta, Nirmooha by Preeti, Jain Nainutia, Siddhartha Bansal, Swati Vijawargie, Vedangi Agarwal, and Ved@Pret

The second show of the finale day is by all these designers. So, it is going to be an amalgamation of designs, colours, patterns, prints, and trends. In this show, you will be seeing a lot of designs featuring a mosaic of textures and colours. The event will be taking at MSA 1.


Third Show – 3.00 pm – Anushree Reddy, Karishma Deepa, Sonidhi, Nikhita – Mynah Designs

So, the third show of the event is happening at MSA 2. These designers would be showcasing their styles in the theme that is mix blend of colours and monochromes. You would be seeing a fusion of colours blended with an old world charm in Mynah designs. Anushree Reddy would be displaying art in the form of heavy ethnic wear.


Fourth Show – 5.00 pm – STUDIO X presents Nought One, Pawan Sachdeva, and Sahil Aneja

This show of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19 is by these designers and will be happening at MSA 1. There is a lot to experience some textured silhouettes and pronounced patterns imbibed with the youthful energy in the collection of Sahil Aneja. The upcoming collection of Pawan Sachdeva is all about geometrical regularity, smart cuts, and minimalistic components.


Fifth Show – 6.00 pm – Dhruv Kapoor and Siddhartha Tytler

The aesthetics of Siddhartha Tytler’s collection is something that would catch the attention of a lot of people. It is going to be all about taking a spin on the contemporary style and taking the game of elegance a little above. And Dhruv Kapoor’s collection is totally different from Siddhartha’s as Dhruv’s collection is all about defining the art in the quirky collection. This show will be at MSA 2.


Sixth Show – Shivan and Naresh

For all the people and the fashion enthusiasts who love high-end fashion or the Bollywood fashion designers then this show is for you. It will take place at MSA 1. They are here to display their #Koiseries at the event. We see a lot of colours, prints, patterns, textures, and borders in their upcoming designs.


Final Show – 9.30 pm – Lotus Makeup and FDCI presents the Rainbow Show

So, the final show of the final day of the event is the show presented by the FDCI team and the Lotus Makeup themselves. This is the grand finale show where the runway is going to be filled and celebrated with colours. The event will be at MSA 2.


This was the schedule of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19. Obviously, there are high expectations for this day as this one is the finale.

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