10 Trending handbags in 2018!

What’s the one thing that women cant take their hands off? Oh yes! handbags!

Carry everything with pride, even your handbags.

For a woman like you who is carrying the world in her hands, needs a helper to carry her belongings.

Handbags are our life saviours holding everything we need. Without it, I don’t feel like a grown-up, it’s our little paradise. Well,  handbags are overtaking fashion’s love for clothes, aren’t they? the rich texture and leather win hearts just like that.

Forget the old tattered plain brown bags. do you know what’s ruling the world? the colours that no eyes have seen and designs that no woman has even dreamed off has hit the stores. I remember a time where you choose your handbag according to what you wore, but oh my! the handbag world has cast its spell now people are choosing clothes to suit their handbag!

Do you want to know what’s trending and mesmerizing hearts down the street this year?

1-Thom Browne’s hector dog bag :


Yes, you are seeing it right! that’s a bag disguised a dog how cute is that? if I think about adopting a pet then this would be it! Woof! woof! This pup comes in three colours and will stay loyal to you.

2-Chanel’s Gabrielle purse :


If one thing people in busy streets have in common then its the Chanel bags. this exclusive Gabrielle collection is half a year old but still roaming around the cities winning over the others.

Chanel’s transparent flip bag :

I fell in love with this transparent flip bag collection the minute I saw them fly in the ramp. The wet season was eating away the leather on bags and hence Chanel came up with a solution that is changing the world. Give them any material and they will come out with collections that are worth dying for. That’s why CHANEL! right?

3-Alexander Mcqueen’s Box bags :

Doing its name justice. Alexander Mcqueen’s are known for their royal bags with a twist. The thick chain around the bag with all beautiful crystals make the bag a statement jewelry. These bags are definitely worth the queen in each one of you.

4-Prada’s graffiti bags :

If Prada has an obsession then it’s for belts and ribbons with comic strip faces and splashes of paint. The spring-summer 2018 collection definitely made a deep impact. It was wholly vintage and modern.The comic character was wild and classy, young and powerful. It’s this one bag that will always live on this planet for generations.

5-Valentino’s  rockstud spike it chain-bag :

The rock-stud spike it is a fresh Valentino collection. It gives a mini heart attack with the heart in the center. if simple and elegant had a child then this would be it. The micro stud detailing and Red quilted leather heart appliqué speak in a language that only lovers can understand.
 Who would have thought women would crush over serpents. Gucci has their own raw and wild taste don’t they? The serpent buckle and a girly ribbon wouldn’t have been in the same place if it weren’t for Gucci.
The rainy season is sure a miracle for it has shown us an unseen side of the designers. This shadow bag has a bag of its own. The transparent look wild and the inner one tamed. A woman can never own too many bags, right?
I wonder Oliver jumped right outta heaven! if you are wondering why then you should visit the Balmain store. If ideas come out of tap then Oliver sure owns the seas and oceans. His work is the wildest of all the animals. Everything he does has so much vigor and rage in it, if a person can simply turn a bag into something that can conquer the world then Oliver is the man.
Chloe’s airy grey bag with that golden handle will make you want to sleep with it. The bag is chic and cute with a spray of class. If pixies were real then they would definitely live inside of these.
Girls are flowers who belong in a garden. Carry this garden with you to stay close to home. This embroidered clutch has a sweet scent of a magical garden. if fashion takes to you close to paradise it is through these bags.
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