15 Monsoon fashion tips

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you”

To look fashionable in every season, you just need to follow some tips in your daily routine. Monsoon is one of my favourite seasons and some people get worried on what to wear in this season. Rains and constant humidity become a problem for few people. Here are few tips to get you through :

  1. In monsoon try and wear shorts generally. While it’s comfortable at one hand, you’d not worry on the tan that can come in during the summer season. This is the time to use all your shorts which are buried in your closet.
  2. Always wear synthetic fabric clothes in the rainy season, it dries fast.
  3. If you don’t want to wear a raincoat, then you can try the trench coat. This is available in a number of designs and colors.
  4. Exercise on a daily basis in order to give you proper monsoon look. You’d need to sweat on a regular basis to make sure that humidity doesn’t harm you.
  5. You can also use bright colors plastic tote and slings bags which are usually waterproof.
  6. Take a colorful umbrella. It will give a stylish look in the summer. Investing in a trendy looking umbrella always go long way.
  7. Floral, polka dot plain bright, retro black prints are trending this season.
  8. Always wear those chic shoes in the monsoon, it protects you from bad water and looks good on your shorts.
  9. Colorful flip flop or jelly shoes also give a stylish look in monsoon. But shoes should be non-slippy.
  10. In monsoon you don’t need to wear a lot of accessories, you can wear light earrings etc.
  11. You can go for knee length jumpsuit or knee length skirts too.
  12. Keep away from salwar and Patiala type of dresses, you can wear Kurti with leggings or Churidar.
  13. Denim is not in trend this monsoon, you should wear shorts or knee length capris.
  14. In place of jeans, you can wear cotton pants that will dry soon and will not stick to the body.
  15. Do not choose to wear a long dress in this season.



Hope you loved the post. I would love to see your feedback and some monsoon tips from your end.

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