5 ways to make your outfit look out of a fashion week magazine!

We all would kill for fashion and wearing expensive stylish out of the fashion week has always been our dream. We would even wear it to bed if we had all the riches in the world to afford them.However we don’t have it all do we, fashion week clothes will always remain behind the glass doors but what if I tell you I have a spare key to the door. Apart from the other amazing things it would be unwise to spend your fortune over clothes that aren’t going to last a season.

So here we are to give you the access to some expensive fashionable clothes that are way cooler and cheaper.yes it is possible and all it takes is just a few simple fixes to make them look out of a catalog.


It’s all about the couture when it comes to the fashion industry.clothes that don’t look like it was stitched after you worn it wont help you flaunt the look so go for tailored clothes or consider tailoring it to your fit after you buy it, make sure it hugs your body and brings out your shape. A well fitted outfit will always win  the game. When it comes to pants make sure to trim them to the right length and have it well sized. So if you want to look a little extra then all you need to do is a little extra fitting.


If you want to make your clothes look amazingly fashionable like you are ready to hit the ramps then prefer classics. Go neat and classy, pick plain over patterns and pumps over wedges. Pick well fitted white or black clothes or blazers. Choose pencil skirts and stiff shirts along with an oversized light coloured over coat. Quirky is not classic so go retro like in the black and white movies to recreate the look.and also there is no end season for the classics so you always make the charts.


Lessen the efforts on outfits and jump straight to accessorizing it. Theres nothing better than bling that can help you achieve the model-in-you look. Pick oxidised over stones. Pick big single pieces over three or four smaller ones. You should also know to pair them up well, too much or too less is going to reveal your effort. So well balance your clothes and accessories. If you are planning to go a little extra on the clothing then lose a ring or earring.if you are going plain with the outfit then add a little extra something to balance it.A well structured accessory, be it a statement necklace or a leather bag and easily make your outfit look more expensive than it really is.


Not only can the outfit make you look like you walked out of a magazine but your personal grooming has to do it too. So always keep yourself well-groomed, you needn’t do so much or try something new but make sure everything is well treated, make sure your hair is simple yet well-trimmed and well settled. Maintain well manicured nails and always go for neutral makeup which doesn’t look made up and stick on to classic royal shades rather than new quirky shades. Remember too much of anything can bring your whole outfit down so perfect what you know and can do.


Monochrome dressing always looks well put together and intentional. Wearing the same colour from head-to-toe gives the illusion of high quality. It makes an outfit look sophisticated and expensive. Try to create layers with different textures such as cotton, silk, leather or even denim.if you can’t achieve the monochrome look then try matching your shoes and bag. Well coordinated accessories and matching shoes will all that they can to  help you achieve the look. Also remember to cleaning your accessories and keep them polished and well conditioned to dazzle your way in.


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