5 ways of playing with ballerina

“A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries a woman.”

I travel a lot and attend number of events in which usually I have to walk a lot. Either it’s constantly moving in&out from the ramp in a fashion week, or an exhibition/event I am attending. Almost all the time i decide to wear my most comfortable shoes; fashion takes a backseat.

I love all kind of shoes, sandals, lace shoes , flats,heels, ballerina etc. Generally we girls avoid wearing long heels or long boot for a longer time interval. And even from one’s health point of view we should not wear heels for a longer period; it’s responsible for a lot of back related diseases.

To be honest, I really love belly shoes. Because while it look stylish and fashionable, it’s super comfortable to my feet too. With ballerinas I can work or travel whole day without getting my feet fatigued.

When Fgali reached out to me to review the ballerina, I was simply amazed with their approach of combining people’s interests and hand painting in an amazing product. Customized hand-painted shoes, this is what they call it and for sure they are calling it right. A person wearing these shoes can flaunt their interests and that too hand painted

They have number of collections of printed ballerinas, minions printed, kisses print, sponge bob and the one which I reviewing music ballerinas. And if you love superheroes then you can also get that kind of print. Check out these Hulk Slip Shoes.

Minions printed


Kisses print


Sponge bob


Music ballerinas


Hulk slip shoes


I felt extremely comfortable with these ballerinas. They’re easy on my feet and I can vouch for the quality. Since they’re hand painted, I was skeptical on their color preservation; but it turned out the quality of these paints where pretty good.

Styled them in 5 different ways. Check it out.

Style with trouser and shirt

You can style this ballerina with trousers/shirt combination added with the coat. They match nicely in the formal look. Wore this with Globus shirt, trouser and coat.DSC_0184



Style with shorts and coat

I am becoming fond of sports bra these days. Girls think that sports bra is something that you should wear at the time of gymming, but I found them to be extremely stylish and comfortable.

I styled my beautiful ballerinas with a formal coat, black shiny sports bra & denim shorts. This look was applauded both online and offline by my friends. The best thing is that this look is unique in nature, and still can be styled easily. You can also add a beautiful anklet with this outfit that will give a cool look.



Style with maxi top

We are living in an era of maxi-tops and they just look adorable. These ballerinas match perfectly with my Faballey maxi top and denim shorts. You can make a high bun or puff hairstyle with this look.

DSC_0227 DSC_0238-001



Style with jeans and top

Every girl favorite combination of using these ballerinas would be with a pair of denim and T-shirt. Denim pants are evergreen.I wore crop top and denim pant added with my music ballerinas.



Style with jumpsuit

Last year it was an era of jumpsuits,. I bought number of jumpsuits which are usually my daily wear while shopping or visiting nearby mall. If this ballerina will not look good then I forcefully make them to look good 😛


I hope you enjoyed the post and I am sure you fell in love with these beautiful ballerinas from Fgali, If not, go and read again the post. 😀

Much love to all.

Till next time Stay beautiful Stay sexy!


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