5 Ways of styling a shirt dress

“Keep calm and wear a shirt dress.”

Finding versatility in our closet is the most perplexing task we encounter. Reshuffling between clothes, matching up accessories, working those sandals is as daunting as it seem. When styling an outfit in different ways, we either create a masterpiece or make a mess. People who are great in styling one outfit in different ways have one thing in common, they experiment a lot with the outfit, and all it requires is to think out of the box. But if you think it is too big a task to think out of the box, we are here to the rescue. Here we have created a list of ways in which a shirt dress can be worn. So, if you want to turn your rather normal looking Shirt-Dress into a chic interesting outfit, read on!

Look 1: Layer Over!

We are starting off with the most chic and fall appropriate look for the shirt-dress, layering. Why Layering? Because it’s simple, mindless and ultra-chic. You can both layer over and layer under a shirt dress. For layering over throw a vest, cardigans or jacket over your shirt dress and you are good to go. You can also experiment with layering it with sleeveless long cardigans and knitted shrugs.

Look 2: Layer Under!

For layering under a shirt dress, wear a dress of almost same length of the shirt dress and add the shirt dress over it. You can add a belt over it or keep it loose and comfortable.



Look 3: Tuck In!

The easy and effortless way to wear a shirt dress is tucking it into pants or skirts. Shirt dress tucked into pants or skirt will look like a shirt and can help you a big time both in formal and informal ways.


Look 4: Crop It!

Give your shirt dress a preppy look by wearing it as a crop top. Simple knot down your shirt dress above the waist and pair it up with a cool pair of shorts or culottes. To complete the look add eye-catching oxfords or brogues.


Look 5: Over All It!

The look we have been seeing many celebrity sport this year is pairing up a shirt dress with denim overalls. Any shirt dress in pastel colors looks great with denims and for brighter shade you can go with other fabric. This overall look is an epitome of comfort and style and a must try this season.
So girls have fun playing with your shirt dress, until we give you the next post on remixing an outfit. 😀


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