T-shirts are like everyday essentials for both men and women. It is not superficial to say that they are loved universally by all ages and types of humans. And when it comes to woman , t-shirts are more than just love and we really can’t really imagine of not having one. Out of the hundreds of varieties available, it really is a tough task to choose few tees that would fit your wardrobe and essentially, make you feel good for having them. Here is a guide to help you out. Check out these 8 must have t-shirts in every woman’s wardrobe and purchase if you don’t own one!


1.Basic black or white t-shirt

Not having a plain basic black or white t-shirt in wardrobe can be called a bankruptcy, particularly if you are a woman. And I’m sure, 90% of you already own one. The best part about them is , they can be chosen blindly on any day , to go anywhere at anytime. These basic t-shirts look well with all kinds of bottoms. They can be paired with printed bottoms, hot pants, sequin or shimmery skirts, embellished shorts, culottes, work out pants and what not. What on earth can be more classy than picking a blue denim to pair with it, am I wrong?

2.Cropped t-shirts

T-shirts need not necessarily look classy all the times, they can look chic and sexy too. All you have to do is grab a cropped t-shirt. Cropped tees are super trendy and probably the most sold now-a-days. These t-shirts are available copious in number and variety. You can switch all the way between funky printed ones to artful embroided ones. These t-shirts look amazing with hot pants and culottes while the basic denims are not exception. What are you still looking for, wear one and stay elevated!

3. Cuff sleeved t-shirts

Cuffed sleeves were once confined to men’s fashion trend, but no more now. Cuff sleeved tees have been considered fashionable by women since the past two decades. These t-shirts add a stylish edge to your outfit. They look captivating when paired with different types of skirts like pencils, tulle and skater skirts out of which pairing with tulle is my personal favourite as it looks charmingly cool and different. On the whole cuff sleeved t-shirts can promise you a docile yet cute look!

4.Oversized t-shirts

If you’re a woman who love to flaunt your carefree , independent vibes to the world like me, these tees are your place. The most laudable thing about them is that they’re much more comfortable and pleasant than you can imagine. They are so slouchy and free that you can put them on whole day with track pants or check out of home thoughtlessly. They lift your spirits high and turn on your mood from anything to happy. They look super cute with shorts. They can be paired with tracks and harem pants as well. They also grab everyone’s attention when paired with skirts, especially skater skirts and high boots to look sophisticated. Pencils skirts and heels can also go hand in hand to make the casual tee look more interesting!

5. The knotted tees

In order to look artistic and sable, you need not always dig a hole in your pocket. Casual knotted t-shirts can help you get the flawless look you want to bring out. Both front-knotted and back-knotted t-shirts are ruling the online sites lately. You can get them in various colours and patterns , preferably online as they have multiple varieties. They look good with basic denims and patterned shorts besides culottes and palazzos. They can also be paired with skater skirts to look exquisite. Trust me, it’s super fun to tie that knot!

6. Mesh t-shirts

No one can deny the fact that t-shirts are considered more like casual wear rather than party wear. But sometimes, all you feel is step out comfy be it a evening date or a late night party without caring being judged. For such times, you shouldn’t really brood over too much but just pick a mesh t-shirt and rule the party. The mesh literally adds an elegance to your tee and spices up your boring casual tee turns it into a super jubilant party wear. Need not say, pair them with denims, shorts or coloured bottoms giving in all your flair to it!

7. Sporty t-shirts

For the sport lovers out there, I need not mention how whimsical it is like putting on a sporty oufit. Nonetheless, don’t get me wrong. Sporty t-shirts are definitely not stormbound to sport players or sport lovers. Because, they look incredible on everyone : like from kids to adults. They are just so versatile to put on. These too are available in plethora of varieties to choose from. They go well with solid denims, tracks and work out pants. It wouldn’t be less to say that they definitely deserve a place in every woman’s wardrobe!

8. Embroidered t-shirts

More or less, t-shirts make you feel like a tomboy than a girly girl. But you don’t need to bother much if you want to look more girly and beautiful in tees as you have an amazing option to choose : The embroidered t-shirts. These can be bought in many malls or online stores. And if you are a DIY lover you can do the embroidery detailing by yourself according to your choice. They are good pick for day wear or evening picnics. These tees can be paired with striped bottoms to add more detailing to the outfit. It’s preferable to choose the bottom of the colour that dwells in the embroidered part. These t-shirts can simply make you look perfectly aesthetic!

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