Ayurvedic Pampering for Modern Women: 5 Products to try!

Women have been pampering themselves way before the game-changing and age-defying modern products came into the pictures. Not that they do no good for beauty but indulging in natural and ancient techniques is as important as a regular C-T-M. Like in Ayurveda, there are so many miraculous beauty products that can really change your beauty game and think no-side effect, all natural, fuss free regime! 😀 So today we bring you 5 natural beauty products, read on to know why they are important and why you should totally use them!

  1. Anti-Ageing facial oil
    Though rise of using facial oil is on high today but essential oils have been around for hundreds of years. Egyptians even used them for mummification processes, so why not you? 😀 Ditch those age defying creams loaded with chemicals and try anti-ageing facial oil today filled with goodness of nature.                                    Our pick: Find here.


  1. Bath Salts
    Use of Bath Slats dates back to 2700 BC when Chinese extracted various varieties of bath salts and used them for treating diseases, releasing tension, beautification and much more. Today the use of bath salts is kinda restricted to spa only. But with modern women juggling with so many things, leading a super hectic life, need of bath salts becomes more imperative now. So make your bathing experience more energized or relaxed with premium bath salts.
    Our pick: Find here.                                                                                                                                                                               
  2. Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack
    Remember how your grandmother would make a face pack for you and press on the importance of turmeric and ginger for its age defying and skin improving properties. Good old days! Today we don’t have time to make our own face packs with natural ingredients but what we can do is, switching to natural face pack with contain natural products instead of fancy chemicals and make our skin super beautiful.
    Our pick: Find here.
  3. Cleansing Facial Oil
    I have changed so many facial cleanser in my life and none suited me like cleansing facial oils. And with natural cleansing oil you get additional benefit. One they are chemical free, two no side effect. So I will highly recommend cleansing oil instead of cleansing creams/foams.
    Our pick: Find here.
  4. Handmade soap bars
    Using a right soap can change the entire sin care routine. It’s often the soap that leads to excessive dryness and redness. So I say indulge in a soap that has natural ingredients, are loaded with good oils and leave your skin nourishes and moisturized.
    Our pick: Find here.


I couldn’t emphasis on the use of natural ayurvedic products more and I hope you like the post. All these products are from VedaEarth. The brand uses aromatherapy and Ayurveda to make premium skincare products for modern women, who juggles various roles and struggles to fit in an elaborated skin care routine. So goodness of Ayurveda and healthy beautiful skin all at once!



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