Bangalore Fashion Week Day 01

I am here at Bangalore to witness 13th edition of a grand Bangalore Fashion week . Just reached hotel after a wonderful day 01.

How can I control the excitement after seeing such an awesome collections of designs.  Sharing glimpse of the day 01. Hope you can see it from my eyes.

Bangalore Fashion Week 13th edition happened at Sheraton Bangalore and was powered by Snapdeal; it showcased some awesome collections of designers from all corners of India.

The show started with Dream Zone fashion school collections, followed by Vastragatha by Ravi Ranjan Kumar,  weaver ants by Madhusmitha Panda, Roobaroo by Priyal Bhardwaj, Rehane‘s Femininity,  libas by Riyaz and Gangji’s .

We had dropped shoulder jackets, Blazer, Kurta and Pheron in Ravi Ranjan Kumar beautiful collections. Madhusmitha panda designs had an amazing traditional look. Priyal Bhardawaj collections was so lovely, every model looked princess in his collection.

Madhusmita Panda Designer

Bangalore Fashion Week Students

Ravi Ranjan Kumar Designer

Priyal Bhardwaj with show stopper hrishita bhatt

Riyaz Gangji


Rehane’s collections was clearly the favourite of the day. Pastel and mirror works was adding the beauty in the dresses. Riyaz and gangji’s collections was really very soothing. The garments was of very light shades which gave a serene calm look.

Here’s a glimpse of the collections; individual blog post of some chosen collections will be followed in the series


DSC_1172 1


DSC_1158 1

DSC_0995 1

DSC_1023 1

DSC_1033 1

DSC_1168 1

DSC_0995 1

DSC_1029 1

Here’s me among the crowd! 🙂

Kajal Mishra

Had an enthusiastic crowd at the event. Got some snaps of them too:


DSC_1105 1

DSC_1104 1

Detailed blog posts of few chosen designers and Day 2, 3 and 4 will follow soon… Stay tuned



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