“Be a fashionable traveller” with stalk buy love!

“Be a fashionable traveller” with Stalk buy love!

Tell me the name of person who doesn’t love fashion? hmmm No one .. 🙂 Right? And who don’t like travel? May be some people who don’t like that and that’s fine. But I am sure most of the people will be in my category. Yo Yo I am a girl who love fashion and travel from bottom of my heart. 😛

Guys, if you are following my blog then you already know that I am back to India after my exciting USA travel journey. You can read all travel story here. 🙂

Now I am going to share How I covered my US journey in a fashionable way. Yeah, I am gonna share my Outfit of everyday in my USA journey. My first city San Francisco, and where the temp was slightly low I choose a dress in which I look beautiful and be safe with the cold air of the city.

I decided to choose one of my favourite brand collections Stalk Buy Love. Yeah, I am not lying. I am obsessed with their collections. They always excite me with their designer and unique collections. Everything from party wear dress to beachy shorts. 🙂 I bought number of body suits from them and I choosen one of them to style on day 2 San Francisco journey. 🙂

Outfit- Stalk buy love

I wore grey colored off shoulder full sleeve bodysuit with grey and white AND striped pant. The body suit was very comfortable and the off shoulder design of bodysuit made me look extremely sexy and full sleev protected me from city low temp. The complete look was so comfy and I was feeling very comfortable.So there was win win situation. Yay ..


Mostly I prefer flat designer wedges, frankly I am not a heel person. I wore heel at a shaadi or in parties only. So this time too I choose my flat black colored comfortable sandals, which I bought from Amazon at the time of Lakme Fashion Week. 🙂

Make up-

I did light make up, because when you’re travelling whole you should do light make up to fit in at every place like museum and any shows. 🙂

Enjoy the pictures –











Hope you enjoyed the post, and I will be back soon with my next day 03.. 04 …….. day 20 OOtd post.

And guys, don’t forget to give your feedback and you should check stalkbuylove sexy and beautiful collections. <3

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