Be original in life

Kajal Mishra

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy”

I live by these words. Don’t copy anything. It may be in the fashion or style. We don’t need a lot of dresses or heavy make-up to look beautiful/fashionable. It’s not how you look, it’s how you feel.

I just saw this video of Karan Arora. I love the style of these beautiful girls and how they are flaunting their dresses. They are truly enjoying themselves. The black and white concept is also very charming.

I can’t stop myself writing something on this video. It truly inspires me to create my own style.

“Fashion fades, Style is eternal.”


One thing which If you go buy is not to copy anyone. Life is short, create your own style then let the others follow yours style. It’s your style which differentiate you from others. Its not your body shape or anything else.

One girls which have some fat can be much more stylish than a skinny (with a body of a model) girl. Decide you want to create your own style or you want to copy what others do.

I am  the girl who creates my own style and this inspire me to keep on doing that.

How about you? Tell me your thoughts in comment box.

Love to see your comments.


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