Best lookbooks – New York fashion week 2018 WINTER/FALL

It’s here again, the one week where all the fashion flowers from all around the world bloom. There’s pop of colours and necklines that runs the year. In my term, I would call it an art show because it is pure art, isn’t it? shreds of dreams and fabric stitched together to bring out clothes that explore like literally! all the fashion statements that were alive up until now just explode and wipes us clean with more dazzling trends.

New York Fashion Week was in full flow over the weekend and the attendees wore several heavily-logged items, ranging from this end to that. A lot happened that weekend and there is few moment which literally stole the crowd’s breath? 
We may not always see what the designers see but we should take a bow for their creative ideas. well, if you were the designer would you have ever thought of such a design or ravenous cut?. From futuristic skirts at Jeremy Scott to body paint at Domingo Zapata, there were so many weird, crazy moments on the runway you have to see.I know you just can’t wait right? cause so cant I? to be honest I spent most of my time drooling over my keyboard when I was writing about the clothes. so let’s start right awayBEST LOOKS NYFW 2018 :
1-All I see is a white canvas with the colour red splashed, maybe God did it right? because look at that! It is everything we have ever dreamed of. Oscar De La Renta is soon to become the Picasso of the fashion industry. The scarlet red, crowned by the rich crimson just splays our visions.Wait, there’s more!2-This is yet another spill of colours by Oscar De La Renta, florals will never leave the world, will they? The neckline and the sleeves look like a piece of craft that has the world under its spell. I say Flowers will always rule the world, what do you say?3- Oscar is sure a magician, the crimson bell off shoulders that run through the body and that vintage off-white skirt with a living garden is pulling us all in. I’m sure this is a hole, that Alice fell into, this is sure a wonderland material.

4-Did you just see what Derek Lam did here? Those threads falling out like that? and that peachy beige. oh my! and that belt that holds everything together and giving us the feeling of the whole.

5- Fashion is digging up what was once called ugly and turning it into a piece of art and letting it live in a bolder shade. This would have been a normal outfit, but the spill of red and the high waist pant along with that big buckle gives all the broken dreams hope.

6-See what I was talking about? who would have thought that this would steal the show? this coat has already won the world. and that high turtleneck just shoots up through the head.

Ever read old books that were centred in England? or ever imagine poetry walking out of a book? well, you are about to witness something that will give you a taste of it

7-Brown’s the colour and the name is Zimmermann the designer who has literally pulled even the sunlight over his collection. The collection he showcased this year is like a dip in the ocean except that you never get wet. It is both magical and legendary. It is a mix of vintage and the new. A taste of sun and the moon. Life and death. Love and hate.

Here are his best collections :

Woods and desert


Flowers and rain

Family and war

Old and young

Here are the bizarre looks that lined up :


Ralph Lauren goes preppy like they always do :

They had Anwar Hadid, the youngest Hadid sibling to model for them and the collection seems a little preppy and also spring ready.


John Elliott is jazzing it up from his usual hoodies and light wash denim. The Fall/Winter 2018 collection “Delirium,” blended staples like corduroy jackets and wool cardigans with sporty pullovers and puffer jackets featured in a colour palette of earthy browns, forest greens, neutral greys and whites.

Best Street Style from New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018

The street style really took off, the rainy weather sure didn’t turn it off, the bulked up layers and trench coats flooded the streets during the fashion week that lit the city.

Keep watching this space for all the fashion week updates. 🙂


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