Be bohemian with “Boho by Meghna Patankar”


Here we are again to introduce you to someone you are absolutely going to love. So before we unwind the curtains to reveal the woman who has been making fabrics come to life, do you actually know what BOHO means? Well for those of you who don’t bohemian is the new wave version of the hipster glamour will have never gone out of style. And to define the word better here is Meghna Patankar with her her amazing collections.

Meghna Patankar, the creator of BOHO, a clothing brand she has put up, is here to take bohemian fashion to a new level. She is a wanderer herself who has trotted the globe and brought back pieces of it with her to create this collection.


I have to say; she has personally put together amazing styles to suit all our moods and personalities



When you feel like you don’t belong here at one place, then you don’t have to you have the soul of a wanderer who lives just by chasing the sun and the moon.
The wanderlust collection is just going to make you want to dig a bit deeper and explore a bit further. The group has long floral and tie-dye capes which will inevitably increase your travel spirit. It also has boho printed bikinis, kimonos, and cover-ups. They also have some intricate jewelry right from neck pieces to armbands.
Everything about the collection sure screams BOHO!


Gypsies are people who knew fashion before we all did, they have lived with nature since forever. The urban gypsy is once such collection which has brought back real fashion statements made by them with a bit of urbanizing. It’s like layering your clothes with historical fashion.
The urban gypsy collection has printed shirts and maxi skirts with gypsy prints and patterns which makes you want it all. They also have long dresses which you could pair up with some real bohemian jewelry.I believe beads and coins have the power to turn anything look amazing.
Stones, beads, coins tassels will always have us under its spell.


You will always be the queen of your world. And to make you feel a little more royal, the bohemian queen collection has a queen like clothes and accessories. The collection has royalness poured all over it, the gold lace top and silk skirts will guide you to your throne. The hair accessories and hair brooch set the royalness to a bohemian century.
You are already royal on the inside so why not be one on the outside as well?


Nothing like silk on your flawless skin, the wild romance collection has an erotic range of sleepwear which will surely turn your nights wild. The collection also has silk ruffle tops and slip dress which glides on your skin like honey. The patterns have something mesmerizing in them. The collection is a pure definition of wild romance.
The wild soul in you deserves something more.


The Bollywood Banjara is a perfect blend of Bollywood fashion with bohemian patterns. They have capes and beautiful lehengas that makes you look like you walked out of the screen. They also have breathtaking Kundan set and body jewelry to take it to the Bollywood level.
Always carry your desi-ness with you.

BOHO in whole is one place where you have fashion fresh from each corner of the world. Go check them out you can thank us later for introducing BOHO to you.


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    She was one of the better designers at IBFW 5, or at least among my favourites.

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