GIBFW Day 1 look – N gal bandeau maxi dress

Hola Beautiful People!

As I write this post I remember the time I just started blogging, almost 1 year back. There was always a thrust of excitement and a bit of hassle. Dressing up for shoots, drawing concept lines, documenting my personal style have always been my passion and this journey has got even better with time. Today as I recall old days and quite hung-over from GIBFW Season 2, Day 3, I present you my look from GIBFW Season 2, Day 1.

Like every other event the preparations for this 3-day event started out early, but I did not get as much time because of my recent relocation to Goa, I was so tied up in apartment hunting, shopping for my apartment, writing blogs and much more. Pheww! But nevertheless I finally made it. After a lot of rescheduling I found time to decide my look for all three days, I had to juggle a lot as the venue was like 2 hours away from my apartment and managing time in such hectic schedule became almost impossible. But as they say there’s always a savior to help you with inhumane tasks! 😀  Ngal came to my rescue for selecting the dress for Day 1, lovely people at N-gal are such godsend.

So for the dress I scrolled down the entire Western and Beach Wear section of Ngal’s website to find this beauty! <3 I had my eyes hooked on this Bandeau Maxi Dress the time I saw it. I find this dress so apt for GIBFW, it’s red which symbolizes celebration and it has a lovely fringe bottom which is so beachy, perfect for beach fashion week. This red tube dress made me feel like nothing less than a diva! They have a lot other products also which had me glued to the website and I am planning for a shopping extravaganza soon. *Happy Dance* Yayyie!
You can find the dress here: Ngal Bandeau Maxi Dress (RED)








After the dress shopping, it was time for the shoes. Now when it comes to shoes it is always a less troublesome to find a perfect pair. So I was not very worried for the shoes but still had to go through piles of suitcases to find a shoes to compliment my dress. I tried on a few pairs as I had to glam up my outfit I decided to go with a Golden Sparkle Beaded Sandals. These sandals are my absolute favorite; they can be paired up with lots of different dresses, from nudes to shimmery almost everything. These shoes looks so good with my outfit, I felt like they are meant for this dress.
You can find similar shoes here: Inc.5 Gold Sandals

When I was done selecting shoes and dress, my favorite part of putting together a look started that is to find accessories to complete the whole look. When I chose this red dress I already had in mind what kind of Jewellery I want to wear with it. I wanted to give the whole look an Indo-Fusion feel so I decided to go with bright Indian Jewellery. Now if you want to shop off-beat cool stuff Goa is a place that would not disappoint you. Goa has so many lovely markets to carter to all kinds of shopping list one may have. After strolling down a few goan markets come across this lovely Rajasthani Jewellery. This red and silver Jewellery looks so chic with my outfit and its everything I had in mind. I got a big dazzling necklace, earrings and one ring bracelet all in red and silver.  I am in love with big statement pieces and this big dazzling necklace looked so stunning with my tube red dress. To complete the look I carried a red, big gem studded Divya Arora’s clutch with me which I got a while back from Roop Vatika, Delhi.
You can find similar accessories here:

Dress Check! Shoes Check! Accessories Check! Now? Make –up Yayyyie!
After putting together my outfits and accessories a day before, all I had to so on Day 1 of GIBFW to put on the make-up. You guys already know when it comes to make-up I never go over-board and my make-up routine is pretty much simple. I like trying out make-up but I don’t like to bombard my skin with different unnecessary products. If you do not know my make-up already I just tell you now. I started off with primer for my face, primer is very important to primp up your skin and it also helps make-up to stay longer. After primping up my skin I applied a tint of foundation, concealer and then compact to give finishing touch. I particularly don’t overdo eye makeup but hey a little drama for eyes is always mandatory. 😀 So I applied my regular mascara and eye liner and to finish off the whole look I applied a light rose lipstick from MAC.

So this is how I styled myself for GIBFW Season 2, Day 1. More posts and lookbooks on GIBFW coming super soon!

Till next post stay beautiful stay sexy. <3

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