How the label ‘Sangeeta Sharma’ speaks volume!

The beauty of a woman resides in her eyes, every time her lids close she pushes her pain through and every time her lashes flutter she is making the world a better place. she carries her home on her back,carrying them through dusk and dawn  she carries them through her success calling them the reason, never accepting only she deserves all that she has reached.

Every time I see a woman lead,I stand up take a bow and start carrying her in my heart. Not everyone follows their heart.Every one including me has their soul set on something but most of us don’t even try. We trick ourselves making lame excuses and at one point we drop it and stop believing ourselves.

But strong are those women,who never gave up who never rested their eyes, who took one step forward than the rest of us and got what they deserve and never stopped counting the stars.

And one such person is our dear Sangeeta Sharma from Nagpur.
Sangeeta Sharma has her own boutique in Nagpur which has now become the holy grail for millions.She has taken a leap beyond the field of vision to craft her name in a bigger banner.

She recently flashed her collection at India Beach Fashion Week in Goa, and caught eyes and hearts beyond skyline  and Neha Dhupia who wore the collection took pride in flaunting it on the ramp. Neha carried the admirable bridal clothing line with much grace and elegance.

The label ‘Sangeeta Sharma’ portrays her drudgery and passion behind each piece of fabric.Her clothing line reflects her heart and soul. With her delicate designs and choice of fabric your wedding will be out of a book.

Sangeeta’s bridal couture was put to thought for women wanting a fairy-tale wedding. Her dignified bridal designs are worth a mention.

The bridal couture includes a pure silk  nuclear  print  chord gown, a multi-colored skirt with print border,a black raw silk backless top with modish patchwork and a pair of maroon satin pants veiled with a tissue skirt with pink border,a maroon satin blouse with satin flowers and mirror  for both the bride and her cortege.

Sangeeta mentioned, “My designs were meant for the destination bride.” in the IBFW.

The details in each of her line reflects her beliefs in a classic novel wedding. Sangeeta’s destination bride collection left a deep impression in people’s hearts. Sangeeta has recently lined up a series of  new wedding and festive collection at her fashion store in Nagpur.

Sangeeta Sharma presented her Bridal collection Forget Me Not, enliven by a Lily flower at Pune Fashion Week 2016 and Actress Adah Sharma gave life to the collection. The chain stitched embroidery in golden color bestowed  royalty to the bride.

Bollywood actress Richa Chadda looked grandiose every inch as she walked the ramp for fashion designer Sangeeta Sharma at the India Beach Fashion Week 2017.
Richa feasted eyes in a pale pink trailed lehenga with an embroidered peacock paired with a beautiful orange embellished dupatta.

“Richa suits my collection completely inspired by the peacock. The peacock is known for its holiness, nobility, boldness and royalty. Richa is bold beautiful and royal that’s why,” Sharma told IANS.
The designer’s line held  handcrafted silhouettes,with shimmer and peacock embroidery.
About the dress Richa told  “It’s slightly unusual bridal look. It’s not very heavy but it has that flow.”
The colors salmon, red, pink, beige and icy blue did not fail to deliver the feel of a high born.


In Pune fashion week season 5 Sangeeta Sharma displayed her intricate collection stealing eyes and heart with the shades of red and black along side netting. Her brightly colored lehengas with their exclusive pattern stood out.

In season 6 of Pune fashion week, Sangeeta Sharma stole the show with her silk couture. The show went rising when her models led the way and she made sure every piece of her collection has their own ethnic touch in a much modernized way.
The Pune fashion week 2016 collection is my personal favorite which  will unleash the real women in you.


When an independent strong woman puts her ideas to life each piece will reflect her own story and her strength with her own definition of a women and In the season 15 of Bangalore fashion week designer Sangeeta Sharma laid out her definition of fashion which pulled women to light and pumped their confidence.


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