“Life is always better with a closet full of lace, satin and glitter.”

Lingerie market is a big, beautiful world, but something that’s not easy to talk about. We’ve all heard that most women wear a wrong bra. Always know your bra type before buying something new.


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In this type of bra there is a thin wire fitted below the cup, which gives extra support to breast.  Now a days lots of designer bras are underwired. But never sleep in this type of bra. Buy this type of bra according to your breast size because if you buy tight bra then that is harmful for your health. To know about your proper bra size you can contact the doctor or sales girl who deals in bra.

Lace bra

This type of bra give happy feeling to every women. Always buy good quality of lacey bra. Bad quality lace is responsible for itching in the body. You should not wear nylon lace in summer, it can cause skin disease.

Electric blue, dark pink, black white, purple, parrot green etc pattern looks attractive. You can buy according to your choice and dress color.

Seamless bra

In this type of bra there is no design in bra cup. That’s why this is also known as T-shirt bra. This gives a crease less effect in T-shirt because there is no design on the cup. This type of bra generally available in white or baby pink color. If you love houzery top then you can buy this type of bra.

Padded bra

This type of bra have pad and underwire both. The girl with small to medium size breasts can use this type of bra. The underwire bra gives full support and proper shape to the breast.

Push up bra

Underwire and padded bra with light foam lift the breast to give firm look to the breast. This bra is good for fitted dress or evening gowns. This is also good for ladies who have loose breasts. After breast feeding you can use this type of bra to avoid looseness in your breasts. If you are wearing deep neck blouse then push up bra is good for this type of blouse.

Strap support

Designer bras have generally thin strap but If you have heavy bustline then you should wear thick strap bra. You should wear transparent strap bra only when you have small or medium size breasts, large size may suffer from shoulder or back pain from this. Halter neck bra also give especial look to the breast if you have no shoulder problem. If you have heavy breast you can choose these halter neck bra.

Body Shaper bra

Nowadays all size skin colored body shaper bra is available in the market. The pattern is similar to the seamless bra pattern. You can wear these type of bra with the crop top or blouse.

Sports bra

Light padded sports bra or plain sports bra are available in the market. These bras are good while doing strengthening exercise or during doing Yoga. In these type of bra body movement is very comfortable.

I found this photo online. This is useful to understand the bra type. 🙂


Here is all about different bra types. Hope this post will help you choosing your bra.

While I am writing this post, I have one suggestion to all my beautiful divas. Please make sure that you wear bra only when it’s needed, minimize the use of bra. There is lots of research available which talks about why bra can be extremely harmful (especially cheap ones) and is also responsible for some type of breast diseases.

So choose a good quality bra and increase your bra free time. Stay tuned for upcoming post “braless” where I will share all research and let you know about pro and cons of bra.

Till next time Stay beautiful stay sexy.


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