Rocking Denim on Denim Trend in USA ft. Stalk Buy Love!

“In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world.”

Hola Guys!

It is a beautiful day here in Goa but my USA trip hangover has not gone yet. 😀

Today, I am talking about a look that I wore in USA and I am currently obsessed with, denim on denim! It’s been in vogue for a time now and seems like the trend is here to stay and why wouldn’t it? Its uber hot, so effortless and in my case so chic and versatile. I am loving this trend and the collection at Stalk Buy Love helped me put together an outfit of that likes. You guys already know how much I am obsessed with their collection (because obviously they have a collection to die for) and while I was in USA this outfit helped to keep up my chirpy and cheerful mood.  😀

Talking about the look, there are multiple ways of wearing denim on denim, to name a few, denim crop-top with skirts, denim flared pants and chambray shirts, chambray shirts and ripped denim shorts and a hell lot of looks. 😀 But what I donned in USA was again a thing I am currently obsessed with, a bodysuit paired with denim bottoms.

Bodysuit + Denim!
I L-O-V-E bodysuits and this tube bodysuit from Stalk Buy Love is so sexy that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes outta it! It is also very versatile and I plan to wear it multiple things in future like a pencil skirt and flared pants may be! 😀 In USA I wore it with a pair of jeans that I bought from Stalk Buy Love as well. I must tell you, the jeans range they have up on the site is so comfortable (I have plenty of those), that you will feel as comfy as a fur ball while travelling and I couldn’t love it more! And cookie point for it being a denim pair. 😀

One can wear a bralette with revealing straps with the bodysuit that looks pretty too but if you plan to wear it over the tube bra don’t worry the bodysuit is so beautiful it will look rocking alone too! 😀








I am in love with kicks since eternity! Ask me why? Duh! Because what’s more comfortable and cool than a pair of totally badass sneakers? Nothing! 😀 So to complete the look I wore a pair of pink sneaker sneakers from ADIDAS. Now I chose pink because you gotta be mindful while wearing denim and denim and should add a pinch of color to the whole look, be it through bags or accessories or shoes! It high on style and you will feel utterly comfortable!

Don’t judge me if I say I can wear accessories even with nothing. 😛 Well I am an accessory kinda girl! 😀 And also fashion loving that’s why I threw a big long tassel necklace and a long beaded necklace from Auhna Creations with my outfit. The tassel neckpiece took the style quotient high and the beaded one made it cooler than ever! Accessory game strong! 😀

Well I am a fuss free person when it comes to makeup, that’s why I went with my statement look that is deep intense kohled eyes and a bright pink lipstick to go with it! Easy and sexy!

That’s all for today folks! But stay tuned because I will update soon with lots of gorgeous looks and fashion feeds from my USA trip! XOXO!


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