Saree, Not Sorry: 9 Hottest and Bold Saree Trends of 2018

                                                              Fashion fades, style is eternal

We all know that fashion trends come and go. What was popular a decade back has now again come back with a bang. But, there is one ethereal fashion outfit in India which will never fade and neither do we want it to fade. And that garment is a saree. An Indian woman looks the hottest in a saree and we cannot agree less with this fact. Saree has to be eternal but there are various saree trends which come and go and help us in styling the sarees in new ways. So, I assume you must have guessed it correct. Here we bring the saree trends of 2018 which we have either seen on the runway or on our favourite celebs. Let us see what they are.

1. A Dress Saree

The trail on the gowns has been given a new twist with this dress saree. An elegant gown with some front drapes attached backside with a pallu is one of the newest saree trends of 2018. I like how minimal and elegant it is. For someone looking for a statement piece, can go with this one.

And now Deepika!


2. A Palazzo Saree

The comfiest of all saree trends of 2018 is this one. I saw the palazzo saree for the first time on Rheson’s collection and I was totally glad about it because they bought this runway fashion trend for the normal women in such an accessible way. This palazzo saree is great for some corporate parties and also for some fun events. They are so chic and easy to carry.

5 saree - Shivan Narresh


3. A Denim Saree

I don’t know whether this saree trend will become popular or not because personally speaking, this particular piece is a total tad off for me. So much of the ripped thing happening in a saree is breaking the mood of an elegant ethnic wear. Though maybe some denim fabric saree can play a sport but not something of this kind. I feel this as a fashion fall off.

6 saree - Diksha Khanna

4. The Ruffled Pallu

Ruffles are everywhere these days be it on the sleeves, neck, hem, and basically everywhere. So, they have to be on the pallu as well, isn’t it? This one is my favourite because I am someone totally into ruffles these days. This ruffled pallu makes for a statement in the simplest saree as well. I love how basic and trending this piece looks.

7 saree - Rabani Rakha

5. A Scarf Saree

Confused as what a scarf saree is? Well, don’t be and believe me it is not something totally outrageous and the only runway proved. But can be styled in a daily life as well. Either twirling the saree pallu around the neck as a scarf or using a scarf to accessorize the neck area instead of a jewellery piece is one of the latest saree trends of 2018. Don’t you like how easy this is?

1 saree - Shyamal Bhumika

Scarf to the infinity!

4 saree - Aartivijay Gupta

6. A Dhoti Saree

A dhoti saree has been quite popular for some time now. But this year, at the AIFW 2018, we saw models grooving in a saree wearing dhoti as a petticoat. The dhoti is not entirely seen through the saree because as per the trend, the dhoti should have a petticoat effect and you can wear it underneath a sheer or a see-through saree. Up for this quirky fashion statement this season?

Some more Dhoti!

3 saree - Nikasha


7. A Trench Saree

Layering up the saree or simply belting up the saree is something we have seen last year. This year it has turned a little bit more upbeat with a quirky saree having dramatic pleats along with layering it up with a trench coat. We have seen some lose trench coats this season and I assume this can be the talk of the town this season.


8. A Ruffled Saree Again

Are you done with the ruffles? Honestly, I am not. I love ruffles and I want some more ruffles on the sarees as well. This is one of my most favourite saree trends of 2018 and I love how the lower pleats have been sidelined by these cutesy ruffles all over. This baby has my heart.


9. A Midi Saree

Now, this is something interesting and totally out of the box. Last year, we saw Sonam Kapoor wearing something similar. But that was too much of a ramp look. Instead, this one can be styled be any woman. It is so flawless, easy, basic and chic. Also, it is so fuss-free because of the midi length that it saves you from falling down. *I want*


I can’t wait for the wedding season or for some special occasion where I could style the sarees in different ways. The latest saree trends of 2018 have got me totally hooked to the sarees. Are you game for trying these saree trends of 2018 before they fade away.

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