Soucika new bridal collection: “Stuff dreams are made of”

Bangalore fashion week 2017 had a lot to offer in terms of latest fashion, beautifully crafted pieces and the vista of stunning design. But there’s always this one collection in every season that takes your breath away with thoughtful curated gorgeous design. This season Soucika was one such collection for me and quite left me with starry eyes! If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the show, you would know what I am talking about. The show not only had the beautiful outfit designed for women but Soucika revealed their collection for men too. A whole lot of awesomeness in one show!

If you missed witnessing the magic that Kamal Raj Manickath, the name behind the brand Soucika, created on the ramp, worry not! We got you the most dreamy and most starry stunning creations from Soucika that we loved the most and a little tip on how to style them. Read on, and brace the sheer elegance!

First on our list is this dreamy show stopper dress! The actress Neha Saxena looked ethereal in this stunning piece of art. If you are a bride who is planning her trousseau or you are someone who is attending a wedding of a close friend, or you are just a lover of everything stunning, this dress is for you!  The dress in itself is such a show stealer that it does not need any adornments. But if you still like to accessorize it, do it with your favorite real diamonds or American diamonds.

Next on our list is this black beauty! This dress is a perfect example of my black but better. The design and detailing checks all the right boxes with floral detailing, sheer cape, and studded glitters. It will make one hell of the cocktail dress for anyone. Style it with beautiful hair accessories and emerald bracelets and let this beauty shine!

If you are a lover of all thing layers, this piece is sure to take your breath away! Layered silhouette paired up with shades of blue. Did we just find our next favorite Sangeet outfit? 😀 Equal part glittery and somber, this dress can beat your favorite pastel outfit. And not to mention, twirling around in this beauty of a piece would be so much fun. Accessories it with floral headgears for a day function and look all dolled up.

Guys, how can we forget you! 😀 Channel your inner Ranveer Singh and get your glam fix with this velvety beauty. This outfit can replace your favorite blazer and tuxedo in a minute and unapologetically so. The color is so versatile and gorgeous, well how one can complain!

This all for today folks! I will be back with more styling guides, latest fashion news and a lot of awesomeness! Xoxo


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